Testing the Electromagnetic (EM) Railgun prototype (71 Photos)


  • WannabeNAVYbutMechE

    #8 'Nough said.

  • Dave

    This thing is bad-ass

    About a year ago they decided to launch more aerodynamic projectiles instead of bricks. This was the result: http://defensetech.org/2011/04/14/we-were-launchi

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  • stollyourchivette

    love the random pics of girls haha this thing is awesome

  • michael

    been following this, off and on, and just thought id ask, what is the objective? heavier round or projectile, in comparison to energy to reach a specific range being decreased,thus allowing faster ''reload'' time, or im i completely off base here, as i said following off and on,looks like a lot could go wrong onboard ship with that kind of energy getting out of hand, compared to conventional firepower.
    just curious

    • James

      I think there are a few factors that make if better / different
      1. its a kinetic energy weapon, no explosive warhead
      2. the range and speed of the projectile, can fire further and faster (m/s) than a conventional ballistic shell
      3. the sheer speed of the projectile, at mach 6 it will hit it s target, presumably another ship etc, before they even know it was fired, I also doubt conventional incoming radar weapons tracking will be able to "find" the warhead. I also doubt any Close In Weapons Systems will be able to destroy a projectile traveling at mach6 (1mile/second)
      Basically if one of these is fired at your ship from you are screwed!

      • michael

        now it makes sense, the sound you will never hear,sent from a place you will never see! BRAVO!!

  • Alison Lario

    this is pretty cool. loved the girl pics too haha 😉 😉 :]

  • Jesus

    Your blog links to a pr0n network. Get that shit outta here.

  • S. Hartzfeld

    No ship that we even have planned for the future even comes close to generating enough electricity to power this weapon. The illustration of PCU Zumwalt DDG 1000 is misleading because those guns, while the design is novel, are not rail guns. DDG 1000 produces ten times more power than the Burke-class DDGs and the Ticonderoga-class CGs at 75 megawatts as opposed to 7.5 megawatts respectively, but it uses most of that power to supply its massive electric drives and advanced combat systems suite. Even so it's not even close to enough power to fire these railguns, especially more than once in short succession. This whole project infuriates me because we dump money into a weapon that might as well be useless for decades but we won't spend money to maintain and repair the ships we do already have – ships with perfectly capable weapons for multiple purposes. /rant

    • Ken

      I was wondering about that. Not to mention that the weapon is reliant on an intact power system and seems really complicated. Seems prone to go off-line.

      Seems like a weapon being developed for a specialized fast attack stealth vessel and not a replacement for conventionally propelled weaponry. As in, to be used to destroy a target when we don't want anyone to know who and what did the deed.

    • Pretty Smile

      Your argument, while valid now will not be in ten or even five years. You don't actually know what they are working on currently. Do you think they declassify the latest and greatest advancements they are working on right at this moment? If we all carried the attitude you have, we would still be using bayonets and muzzle loaders.

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  • John

    Glad to see BAE is behind this. Glads the Brits didn't sell out to EADS! Keep BAE British pls, hands off europe!

  • Marine

    If this is in development, why show these pictures? What is the goal? If it is so valuable, such a technological advancement why release these pictures? This will never be operational. My opinion of course.

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