It’s still summer in L.A. (50 Photos)

  • Bruce

    And the REAL winner is # 15 …Hands down !!!!

  • Big d

    fuck all these ignorant hipster chicks and their over processed fucking instagram pictures. They look like shit. It should be called instashit for douche bags that don't know fuck-all about taking pictures.

    • Zasm02

      "fuck all these ignorant hipster chicks" – challenge accepted!

  • joe shabadoo

    it's not summer in L.A. actually, its just warm

  • MAT

    #7, did you see that?!? A freakin Polaroid camera!

  • LostBroncoFan

    nice swim wear, and some great gaps

  • Mr. C

    #38 simply exquisite!

  • A.J.

    Am I the only one that thinks all these girls are way too skinny? I sure hope I'm not.

  • bdg

    Man, I need some strange!!!!!!!

  • Hypno

    #14 stopped me in my tracks.

  • Sublime

    Sun and hotties in one place!! What else could you ask for!

  • GatOner

    All these girls are amazing but I'm pretty sure #38 is a picture of Heaven.

  • Jasen

    Moar of #33 !!

  • Mnchiver

    #36 Moar!…simply amazing. And a rare mn chivette haha

    • Marshal

      That sounded like one of those nature shows!

      oy, we've spotted the rare MN Chivette…

  • tjo55555

    #7 Find them all

  • webster3

    #8 #40 Oh Miranda… ❤

  • BUrnt

    #4 #33 the best

  • @undefined

    #36 MN 🙂

  • @undefined

    #36 MOAR!?!

  • @undefined

    #36 MOAR!?!


    #2 FIND.

  • Kato

    It's been raining in Vancouver ever since last week. It's gonna take another year before we see this kind of display of power. I hope you guys from California are happy.

  • Jroo

    #38 freakin gorgeous MOAR!

  • Sammylew

    Moar #33 and #50 all the way left

  • Anthony

    I love LA. Leave ended yesterday so I had to return to Georgia. Huge sadface.

  • Sam Lewis

    Marry me #33

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