Sooo… you got wasted (31 Photos)

Are you wasted? Get your shit together and send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Alex

    First lol ^_^

    • SmokeyTheBear

      lame – lol

  • eric


  • BBB

    #29 FIND the girl on the right!!

    • Kato

      You know a girl is done when she keeps yelling "woo!" every 10 mins, starts showing her legs and begins to rest it on your lap. That is also your cue to either exit or to man the fuck up.

  • Guest # 2


    • Wet_tosti

      Wow! Is your dad Charlie Sheen?

  • Kato

    #25 Genius!

    • Alex

      The one with the mask and knife made me laugh super hard, brilliant

      • Amber


  • hootie

    #17 Most people drink, not many have urinated in strippers and broken ribs while intoxicated. The booze isn't the issue here dude…

    • lmkl

      nice one sir

    • bbb

      right, I'm sure he'd have pissed all over the girl if he was sober…nothing to do with the booze

      • Euroranger

        I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess he was suggesting there was a fairly asshole-ish personality that gets exposed when adding alcohol. Lots of people get drunk…but getting drunk doesn't mean you lose your effing mind.

        YMMV however.

    • Anomanom

      Gotta be the Clermont Lounge.

  • Bren

    Quit bein a dick #15 and #19

  • chief

    i actually LOL at #1

  • Poop Stain

    #4 if you got waisted with those 2 babes and didn't bang both, separate or at the same time, then you should never drink again!!! FAIL!

    • XHEW

      Says the person who has probably never gotten any in their life

    • Orukal

      There are three, not two on that couch.

    • Kato

      Getting it with girls who are already done for the night isn't a good idea. If she is just enamored in liquor, fine. But is she is smashed, don't do it. Trust me man. You'll be scarred for life. Unless you're a persistent fucker, I'd say let her puke it out first then carry on.

    • Euroranger

      If you and "those 2 babes" NEEDED to be "waisted" to do all that…maybe you need to tweak your game some.

  • Jack Wagon

    #3 putting water in a milk jug and misspelling alcoholic beverage and chugging doesn't make you a bad ass, it makes you a serious douche bag

    • Guz

      Do you think, maybe, you've just been trolled?

  • B Dub

    #25 is just awesome. Much better, and funnier, than having to scrub black marker off your face. I just don't get that. At least this dude will legit laugh his ass off when he sees the pics!

  • SinCatt

    #25 We used to do that to my friend, every time she came over she fell asleep. Sober or drunk didn't matter she was out. I still have the pictures somewhere.

    • biggles

      We just want to see the gang rape shots. Nothing more.

  • Kato

    #6 More of that blonde girl on the right. Yeah?

    • Gallus


      • Havestd

        Gross. Hope you get hep B or the clap from smacking that whore.

        • Kato


  • Stick

    Fucking idiots, the lot of you.
    Wouldn't be such a shame if you weren't considered weird for not drinking.

    • Xena

      i agree 100%. tired of people saying i'm prude because i don't drink when i go out.

  • Mike Ho.

    <img src=""/>Shame on them for having the cooler in back in the first place. Every responsible adult knows it goes in the backseat, so its easier to grab road beers. <img src=""/&gt;

  • Hank Hill

    I could have gotten plenty of pics for this gallery in Macon last night at the Luke Bryan concert. Unfortunately, I forgot because I was wasted.

    • Noidios

      Cool story bro…

      • Hank Hill

        Well, pardon me, you silly bitch.

  • TU_Joe

    Drunkmagic5 status #22

  • Dantegeek34

    This really made me laugh.

  • Ian R

    #30 ashton kutcher's gay twin, or just ashton kutcher

  • yonotan

    #25 just made my morning. Fucking great.

  • Ashamed

    I am getting really tired of seeing myself on here.

  • Emondhink

    #7 DIBS!

  • whale hntr

    #16 I think he lost the race

    • Mggggg

      Is this at Erau?

  • Versari

    #2 I'm sorry but this has to be the funniest place for a person to pass out! LMAO a tree though?? haha with standby audience! hilarious.

  • Abel

    Awesome pics, except that 20% of them have been repeated in theChive more than 4 times…

    • 5280Blazin

      Yeesh, you get bored quickly. Try scrolling past ones you've seen. Believe it or not I get the same problem on tv. Every time I turn it on I see reruns. Who'da thunk it.

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