A Disneyland Haunted Mansion replica exists and is for sale…(21 Photos & Video)

Via Hollywoodreporter

  • Ben

    Want,,,,,and Need.

  • Usafjt

    This is awesome!!!

  • Jimbo the Swede

    Isn't that pretty cheap for a house of that size? I'm not familiar with house prices in the state, but over here it would have cost a whole lot more.

    • lat297

      here in the UK you'd be looking at 2 million. But then again, a 2 bed semi detached here is about £200k!

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        $800,000 would buy a two bed apartment on the seventh floor in my London building.

        However, now that I am finally on the property ladder, I am very happy with property hyperinflation!

      • Roose1134

        Well, it is posted on Ebay. Could run up to 2mil+ for all we know.

    • nwf

      The asking price for that would get me a shack here in San Diego.

    • https://www.facebook.com/brad.altone Brad Altone

      The housing industry took a wicked hit since the recession started back in 08", you can literally buy a 3000sqft home with 3-4 bedrooms for $150k or less

      • lat297

        I need to get me a flight to 'Merica! 😀

    • ColaChiver

      It is relatively cheap for Atlanta… but again that also depends on the area of Atlanta. You have Buckhead ……..aaaaand all the way down to Bankhead. East Andrews/Buckhead has houses ranging up into several millions. Duluth is just the suburbia of Atlanta.

    • Alex

      Atlanta and the south in general have very cheap home prices… Where I'm from, outside of Philadelphia, that house would be at least 2 mill.

  • baammm

    buy it and have a chive Halloween party already!

  • patrick


  • do it!

    someone buy it so we can have an epic Georgia meetup

  • General

    There are no ghosts. Only our fears as illusions.

    • Guest

      Not true

  • jason

    "One hell of a party destination" Ya I say so, I will be waiting for the invit! Cool looking house. 8K does seem kind of low. For me a houst that big I would want some kind of land with it. looks like it is in a neighborhood and the other houses are to close for that price in my opinion!

  • Mr X

    Welcome foolish mortals

  • Lisa

    If all chivers put in 20 bucks, we could buy it…

    • Tyler P

      You're definitely on to something here!

    • MattKL

      Shit, I'd kick in twenty for that!

  • whyloveapple?

    How long will it take after you buy it for disney to sue you for copyright infringement?

    • Cause apple rocks!

      First of all they aren't making a profit off of it…..and second one of the guys worked for Disney so I doubt they'd have a case.

    • nwf

      It's Disney not Apple, but you never know.

  • sjd

    Chivers pull together and raise some cash for this place. It can be the official Chive house !

  • LostBroncoFan


  • tv_paul

    I'd rather have them replicate a Disney castles as long as those hot princess look-a-like come with it.

  • Wewtimus

    It would ruin you if you showed up to a party there on Sid.

  • Cheese Helmet

    Looks kind of like the house from Animal House.

  • jeremy h

    The house is located in Sweet Bottom in Duluth, Ga. I lived in that neighborhood for 15 years. He always had epic Halloween parties.

  • MylesofStyles

    $873,000 is a bargain if you don't mind the Duluth State Prison in your backyard.

  • Crusty Foreskin


  • Noidios
  • lost in time


  • Ric

    A house, nice post

  • Jon

    New Chive office?

  • Mari

    someone should turn it into a B&B. People would pay a lot to spend the night there.

  • drea72

    .I WANT THIS HOUSE SOOO BAD!!! ugh why cant i be rich already?!!

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