It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (25 Photos)

  • SmartZombie

    #24 WTF??



  • Irish Chive

    Gordon Ramsey is bully. End of

    • Gonzo

      I want to get on that show just so I smash that prick in the face with a frying pan. I would burn something on purpose so he would start yelling, then WHAM, right in the kisser. That would make for some great ratings!

    • davo

      yeah he's being a hero for the camera. probably. never watched the show

      • Emily

        It's just for show. He is really quite lovely in person.

  • tv_paul

    #19 So that's how they make creamed corn.

    • Boondock

      Hawt gay sex in the upper left apparently.

      • testudo321

        Also "Sexual harassment" and a panda pointing to Pedobear…… WTF!?!

    • Steve

      now THAT was funny!

      • mitch

        hyper wank device CLASSIC

  • Livin' Legend

    #1 But he'll still demand a sandwich. And it will be judged harshly.

    • Fign

      and I read that 60% of the restaurants he supposedly "helped" are closed by now.

  • IrishInNJ

    #16 24 funny ones but that ain't one.

    • SHU Chiver

      The only way you don't find that funny is if you're Amish. And if that's the case, what are you doing on the computer?

      • IrishInNJ

        Go watch Richard Pryor do some stand up…come back and tell me that this is still funny.

    • Kato

      Seems they have a promotional vid for it. Those damn Amish, sneaking up on us like that.

  • BradBehavior

    #24 You saw it too!?

  • drink beer

    Hahaha awesome
    #19 WTF … Does that go in the ol' corn hole?

  • BradBehavior

    #6 I really don't care which way he went anymore.

  • misschris

    #2 Thank goodness!

  • Yak Surfer

    #25 Can you really blame him?

  • BIGMikE

    #2 just another university of Alabama fan

    • Hank Hill

      That right there is an Auburn fan.

    • DaddyD

      You shouldn't make assumptions. He might be an Auburn fan.

    • I'm a Yellow Jacket

      Don't rule out UGA

    • thedude325

      Looks more like LSU to me.

    • SoMiss

      No gotta be a Mississippi State fan

  • jbcrazylife

    #25 somebody might need to change their pants

  • Major Tom

    #10 Amen

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Fear not, sceptics.

      While you still produce works of genius such as 30 Rock, The Office and House, then all is well.

    • austin

      The thing is, no one watches this show because they want to live that life or over any form of jealousy. They watch it because its an absolute trainwreck. That's why its successful. People want to laugh and stupidity, ala, Jersey Shore.

  • Obama 2012

    This holiday season don't drink and don't drive and remember don't vote for Romney. Arrive Alive, vote Obama 2012. He killed Bin Laden.

    • Kodos

      oh shut up

    • fgbfjb

      No trolling

    • bottomfeeder

      pics or it didn't happen

    • guest

      Im going to vote for Romney now, just because I am tired of seeing your stupid Obama comments. I don't see any pro-Romney stumping going on here. One swing vote for Romeny just because of you.

      • OzarksChiver


  • Hank Hill

    No, sir. That's an Auburn fan if I ever saw one.

  • sammy

    #23 oh shit. just pissed my pants!

  • TheYesMan25

    #6 I know what way I want

  • Dan

    #20 Because somebody tried to.

    • Zed

      Schwarzenegger has that sign hanging in his office.

  • wtf

    do you guys just copy and paste from This post is the exact same order as failblog that i looked at last night

    • black27696

      failblog, 9gag, digg, reddit…that's where all of their content comes from with chivette submissions and chivette submissions being the only exceptions.

    • billyjack13

      I don't surf those other sites… This is where I come to get the best of the web that week, and a lot of people agree. Quit hatin'.

    • I'm a Yellow Jacket

      Haters gonna hate.

    • brandon

      the chive = the arCHIVE dee dee dees look it up they find the content on many sites and put it in one convenient spot with boobs and stuff

    • lols

      you mean to say that there are other websites with pictures on them? i'm aghast.

  • StuBABY

    #10 This is so true.

    • Want_P.Trudeau_back

      Yeah, try being from/living in a different country and being bombarded by American media crap like this daily. Atleast U.S citizens are putting up with the crap produced by their own culture. We have to shrug and hope that one day we will once again have a strong enough national identity to produce something that takes the place of Jersey shore on our Tivo. 😦

      Betcha this is Stephen Harpers favorite goddamn show..bloomin gutless American wannabe politicians.

    • rainchiver

      Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

  • Craigery

    #19 Is Japan part of Kentucky now, or is Kentucky in Japan?

  • EgyPilot87

    What the HELL is happening in the background of #2??!?

  • Ifitaintbroke

    Just go to… if you want to bypass this Motivational Mishap.

  • Kat

    #21 Merci Chive!!! Made my day

  • MySoulIsGone


    Nebraska would have been a better joke than Kentucky…

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