The story of Dave on Wheels was an elaborate, horrible deceit (7 Photos)

In the end, this story played out more like a Hollywood film than real life. We’ve all been victimized by this disturbed individual. Here at theCHIVE, we often post funny and inspiring stories. It never dawned on us that somebody with such an established internet footprint would actually be mascarading as a deaf, physically handicap person. It would seem absurd to believe somebody would go so far as to fake a death.

I believe in the inherent goodness in the human condition. I’ve posted hundreds of sick and injured people in the DAR who need support. It doesn’t occur for me to write back, “I need proof that you have cancer before I post this.” But I overlooked that there are bad people out there, people who would go to such huge lengths to deceive the masses. All of us here, including and especially Erin and Sarah, are deeply hurt, angered, and saddened by this. And I’m sharing the truth as quickly as it arrives at my doorstep, everybody deserves to know what happened here.

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  • bbaldy

    I feel like such a sucker. I actually emailed this guy "Nichole" attempting to commiserate. My 4-year-old has athetoid CP and so I instinctively connected to this "ruse." How dare he talk about the "reveal" as being more damaging than the actual deception. What a master manipulator. As someone earlier posted, that dude is sick.

  • ThePatriot

    hey i think a similar event took place before, it was called writing the bible. Come on people did you really think this was real? Not that it really matters if this was real or not, there were inspiring words that encouraged people to live better lives.

  • Chivesuxballsa

    LOL! The idiots at Chive were fooled once agian! Hardly surprising.

  • john j.

    It's okay. I was stressed out and need to cry a little anyway. Now I feel better that the Dave I thought I knew isn't dead, after all.

    And Nicole sucks.

  • Dallas

    its not surprising to me at all. I mean I honestly dont believe in glorifying someone with a condition of his. We look at his condition and his outlook as some kind of miracle. If the kid is real of not isnt the point. I've worked with several kids with his condition and for the most part they are awesome, but honestly they dont know any better. Im not discrediting his circumstances, but why cant a regular unaffected person have a positive outlook on life and change peoples perceptions. Its a little sad when a kid in a wheel chair with mental and physical conditions make us think about life and how lucky we are. You should feel lucky no matter what in life. Thank God, a creator, science or whowever you believe in, to wake up each day with such health and happiness. I never forget one thing in life. I live it to the fullest and know that at any time it can be taken from me. Rather you are sick or healthy be thankful you had a chance to see this beautiful place, because its only once you have the opportunity.

  • Dave

    Morally, not the greatest idea this person has ever had I'm sure. But did this person extort anything out of anyone other than goodwill. Did he provide anything prior to the reveal other than a little inspiration (and maybe a tear or two?). I say, no harm, no foul. We Chiver's/Chivette's need to simply get over the fact we might have been fooled, and look behind the rouse at the message.

  • Alastairmct

    You guys suck this man is a god amongst trolls, I can only hope he attempts larger scale hoaxes in the near future potentially involving lawsuits or actual deaths

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  • Guest

    Despite all the lies, Keep Calm and Chive On guys! To John, Sarah Hill, Erin, and all the Chive's crew who have been pouring out their kindness to whoever this character pretended to be, I think what you did is not a lost or useless at all. This event just prove that the world is a great place with people like you. Your hearts are like precious jewels. GOD BLESS!

  • Gareth

    You did the right thing, there's some dicks in this world and you can't change that. You just need to keep doing what you believe in and know to be just

  • Ponderous

    You are all retards, it all seemed to convenient from the start. Just like other great works of fiction it can have the same end effect. Don't be judgemental dicks. And if you were seriously upset when dave died, then you need to be upset all the time because the world is full of tragedy, just because you don't see it doesn't mean the world isn't ugly and a harsh place. Think about Disney World, do you really thinking being there is that perfect. Look deeper and find the beauty in the pain and death and let it roll of your back like water off a duck. Revel in the fact that your life is easy and if you have the time to sit on this website and get to the 40th page and read this then you might as well be David Rose.

    • unburdensome

      You don't have to get 40 pages in. You can sort by latest activity.

  • A Real American

    Well now at least I don't feel horrible for not clicking on the other posts, and instead opting to look at some boobs.

  • joeunderdog

    Can we that this guy was clearly regretting that he was getting this much attention and just ended it in a stupid way? He made a fake persona and used it for years without getting famous. Next thing you know, he is.

    Yeah, it's messed up to pose as someone with disabilities, but he could've done MUCH worse with the fame he was getting. He clearly wanted it to end with the possibility of not being exposed, but that obviously didn't work out. He must have felt bad and regretted doing this, so why must everyone continue to label him like they are? He has to know he fucked up, and the random people on the web, giving him more shit for it, is pretty messed up too.

  • BOSS

    For the burned place, apply cold running water! BURN Chivers 😀

  • sam

    Dont worry, there is special place in hell for people like that


    This is kind of like the whole the Last Samurai/Dances With Wolves/Avatar theme, although instead of a white person showing the natives how to be better natives, in this case it's a non-handicapped person who shows handicapped people how to be better handicapped people. That's messed up.

  • Shadow Chiver

    The dude needs help…spending year creating an elaborated lie for nothing. Btw, no harm in being duped once in a few hundred thousand times the Chive has helped real people that needed help 😉

  • kevin

    should have known internet is full of creeps and weirdo's

  • FieryMary

    The world is full of it, all I can say is KCCO!

  • RJ in Cali

    Sooner or later, someone will always restore my lack of faith in Humanity ever so slightly until it slowly swings back the other direction, never fails…

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  • guest SS

    This does not make me happy. I don't get emotionally involved with anything anymore, but I let myself get duped by this attention whore. My apologies to anyone in the future that might deserve the love and attention but doesn't get it, but I am through with everyone.

  • K-C-C-O

    I imagine what people mean by that they are "sickened" by this are talking about their own personal bitter emotions of being "deceived" by this man… Geez. Grow up! The intentions were good, the method was wrong. Thousands of twitter accounts are fake, used for similar purposes – and without the "revelation" this story would have had the long lasting positive impact on your lives it was intended to bring.
    I thought the slogan was to KCCO – not lash out like an emotional crybaby.

  • roncthegreat

    your site is always the highlight of my day. not only because of your presentation, but the viewer contribution. you have created a community. i can't believe i am the only person that feels this way. as with anyone who creates something significant, you have to expect people to try to exploit it for their own gains. and this one hurts, because we felt for something that turned out to be false. while nobody likes to feel like a sucker, i have had many bad moods turned good just by pulling up your page. you post things that everyday people like me want to see every day. i believe one benefit is that some people don't understand what you do, and they dismiss it, while we follow along. i will continue to be a loyal follower as long as you….

  • Shaun

    It's not like he was trying to con money out of anyone. Which he could have quite easily. If that had been the case i'd agree with you, but it's not. He just wanted to help people. And he made a disabled character because it hits home to people how good they have it when someone so disadvantaged has such a positive outlook. White lies are there for a reason. It's a shame people couldn't leave it alone. I must add that i'm from the UK and have no affiliation with any persons mentionedd in this story. Or any Americans in fact. Good to distance myself before the global war comes.

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