The story of Dave on Wheels was an elaborate, horrible deceit (7 Photos)

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This is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to post on theCHIVE and I'm rushing to get it into your hands so pardon me if there's any spelling errors here, Chivers.

Last week a profoundly deaf quadriplegic with cerebral palsy became an internet sensation. Dave on Wheel's positive outlook on life and quirky sense of humor was infectious. I had followed his Twitter for a while after being turned on to it by Sarah Hill and Erin Willett. The two have huge hearts, loved Dave's positive message, and had been online friends with Dave for months which helped Dave's Twitter grow from 8 to 800 followers.

Then Last Monday I decided to post some of Dave's most popular Tweets on theCHIVE, including "My mom and @NicholeRose85 waiting for me to fall asleep so they can leave lol. I should fake it so they go have a life."

Within hours, Dave's Twitter Machine exploded, he gained thousands of fans. His touching story was picked up by everybody from ABC News to RadarOnline to the NYDailyNews. Kim Kardashian even quoted Dave:

In the end, this story played out more like a Hollywood film than real life. We’ve all been victimized by this disturbed individual. Here at theCHIVE, we often post funny and inspiring stories. It never dawned on us that somebody with such an established internet footprint would actually be mascarading as a deaf, physically handicap person. It would seem absurd to believe somebody would go so far as to fake a death.

I believe in the inherent goodness in the human condition. I’ve posted hundreds of sick and injured people in the DAR who need support. It doesn’t occur for me to write back, “I need proof that you have cancer before I post this.” But I overlooked that there are bad people out there, people who would go to such huge lengths to deceive the masses. All of us here, including and especially Erin and Sarah, are deeply hurt, angered, and saddened by this. And I’m sharing the truth as quickly as it arrives at my doorstep, everybody deserves to know what happened here.


    This is kind of like the whole the Last Samurai/Dances With Wolves/Avatar theme, although instead of a white person showing the natives how to be better natives, in this case it's a non-handicapped person who shows handicapped people how to be better handicapped people. That's messed up.

  • Shadow Chiver

    The dude needs help…spending year creating an elaborated lie for nothing. Btw, no harm in being duped once in a few hundred thousand times the Chive has helped real people that needed help😉

  • kevin

    should have known internet is full of creeps and weirdo's

  • FieryMary

    The world is full of it, all I can say is KCCO!

  • RJ in Cali

    Sooner or later, someone will always restore my lack of faith in Humanity ever so slightly until it slowly swings back the other direction, never fails…

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  • guest SS

    This does not make me happy. I don't get emotionally involved with anything anymore, but I let myself get duped by this attention whore. My apologies to anyone in the future that might deserve the love and attention but doesn't get it, but I am through with everyone.

  • K-C-C-O

    I imagine what people mean by that they are "sickened" by this are talking about their own personal bitter emotions of being "deceived" by this man… Geez. Grow up! The intentions were good, the method was wrong. Thousands of twitter accounts are fake, used for similar purposes – and without the "revelation" this story would have had the long lasting positive impact on your lives it was intended to bring.
    I thought the slogan was to KCCO – not lash out like an emotional crybaby.

  • roncthegreat

    your site is always the highlight of my day. not only because of your presentation, but the viewer contribution. you have created a community. i can't believe i am the only person that feels this way. as with anyone who creates something significant, you have to expect people to try to exploit it for their own gains. and this one hurts, because we felt for something that turned out to be false. while nobody likes to feel like a sucker, i have had many bad moods turned good just by pulling up your page. you post things that everyday people like me want to see every day. i believe one benefit is that some people don't understand what you do, and they dismiss it, while we follow along. i will continue to be a loyal follower as long as you….

  • Shaun

    It's not like he was trying to con money out of anyone. Which he could have quite easily. If that had been the case i'd agree with you, but it's not. He just wanted to help people. And he made a disabled character because it hits home to people how good they have it when someone so disadvantaged has such a positive outlook. White lies are there for a reason. It's a shame people couldn't leave it alone. I must add that i'm from the UK and have no affiliation with any persons mentionedd in this story. Or any Americans in fact. Good to distance myself before the global war comes.

  • Anonymous

    Eh…Jesus never existed by people are still inspired by his word. What is the difference?

  • XIrishxWeaselX

    Granted this guys methods were a bit extreme and I can't say I agree with them, but it's important to remember that, like it or not, he did exactly what he set out to accomplish by filling random people's lives with hope and restored a little hope in humanity. You must admit it did us all a little better and when it looked to get out of control he ended it the only viable way he saw. Seems like maybe we're all just a little mad because we we're decieved instead of taking the message from it all.

  • Silverstone

    Shame on the mess! K C C O

  • vigilant veggie

    To the editor John: I appreciate your writing. thank you for sharing this information as quickly as you received it. This was good journalism to its core and I love it. Thank you. I take more time to read things like this rather than the hot girls posts, or the random posts. Although this was a terrible situation to write about, it's a lot more truthful and valuable than 90% of the content the chive consists of.
    Again. Thank you dude. You rock.


  • Not On Wheels

    Please tell me that this is just another Chive joke?

  • acrilic_abyss

    if u look closley this guy is an asshole… and ive seen a few assholes in my time…

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  • jacque

    Okay I'm confused. Didn't Erin willett tweet about watching football with him? Still doesn't add up…

  • John

    Internet hoax. Inspired a few people. Who gives a shit, butthurt to this degree is unnecessary.

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  • Carlos M.

    do as we do, keep calm… chive on!

  • Pot and the kettle

    Wait, isn't 'The Chive' the very same group that posted their own internet Hoax's (on purpose) that brought them internet fame? ie, Donald Trump tip and Eraser board Jenny. I guess what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander.

  • Brian G

    what the fucking fuck????

  • Ben

    Read "What is the Monkeysphere?" on Cracked. It seems as though many on here will forever be rationalizing why "Nichole" is a twisted fuck, completely abandoning the cute teachings of "Dave on Wheels." It IS much easier to deify a character because of your presumptuous levels of emotional connection than to actually practice what those characters preach. It's the reason many feel lost when they consider whether or not God is real.

    Some guy named ejaculASIAN on this thread mentioned "this is an example of humanity at its worst." I agree. But for different reason. I'm glad "Nichole" was outed before this became a religion and things REALLY started getting convoluted and nasty…..

  • Jeromiolio

    Paula was behind this

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