A low down ‘n dirty good time is upon us (39 Photos)

  • elninja213

    Primero! Maybe?

    • MylesofStyles

      Homo? Definitely.

      • elninja213

        I'm not your dad if you were wondering. Maybe?

        • MylesofStyles

          Trying really hard but still failing miserably? Definitely.

          • truth

            your icon makes me think you may be a pervert.

            • MylesofStyles

              Really? That's strange. It's usually my exposed penis that makes people think I'm a pervert.

              • jenn


                • MylesofStyles

                  Don't be so hard on yourself jenn. Everyone's beautiful in their own way.

  • Nevenem

    #10 is just pure mouth opener

    • Ahrash

      is pure jello extract.

    • thebeefinjector

      Is pure AWESOME!!!!

    • Notknowing

      I stared at that WAY too long. Her pants look painted on………..SQUISHY!

    • socalmarti

      Watch the spanish channels, stuff like this is on ALL of the time, it's part of our culture. She was probably just dancing merengue!

  • bigd

    #34, The missing link?

  • This.

    #6 Yes I know I typed "Hardcore" in the search bar but this is just unsafe

    • Zaedrus

      that's gonna chafe

    • Ferret

      hope it ends better then #36

    • guest

      Holy Shit. Her vibrator has a kick-start!

    • OhioChiver

      I don't think Midas warranty covers brake pads for vaginas. Just sayin… 😉

    • thedude325

      "Have you ever parked your bicycle in an airplane hanger?"

  • dick

    #10 insert face here

  • :).

    #10 Give me black eyes…

  • Wet_tosti

    #6 before #36 after

    • Holla Holla

      What you think it looks like. What it really is.

  • Jack

    The fact that I know that #23Mike is Stephanie Cane makes me realize I watch too much porn.

    • Jack

      *Don't know why Mike was added, damn phone

    • waryee

      it also makes you very helpful, thanks!

    • joe shabadoo

      well you're not alone if it makes you feel any better

    • Mike Hunt

      Knowing the dudes name would mean you watch too much porn

      • braz

        Jules Jordan? I gotta get out more….

      • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

        danny mountain! haha! i made that penis glove! i shot this for brazzers many years ago! we titled it "a nightmare on mountain street" did cutaways on mountain street in glendale calif. we shot this in downtown LA studio! good times!

  • amicus

    #4 Please tell me that''s not shopped

  • saucypants

    #4 Seems legit.

    • Notknowing

      …yup, I'm goin with that too.

  • Baba Booey

    #4-thats one hell of an ass
    #16-what porn was that in?
    #21-please tell me this isn't real

  • Tiber_Septim

    #10 I almost couldn't stop watching

  • Emmylou

    #21 DA FUQ?!

    • holyshit

      Words haven't been invented to explain how wrong this is.

  • myself

    #25 The building on the left hand side, am I the only one that sees a sad face on the roof?

  • Jayjo

    #25 That whole area looks like the Millenium Flacon.

    • Dude Imbibes

      Good call

  • NebraskaGuy

    #5 Dirty Jobs … the early years!

  • Juliana DeSilva

    Hello to all chivers, ive been a loyal chiver for 2 years now and the whole Dave Rose revelation took me by surprise. Ive never posted a comment or even a thumbs up or down, i simply come to the chive for an escape from my "Job" I did however find this video and i hope you will watch it to its end and faith not only in humanity but faith in this planet will be restored….

    • joe shabadoo


    • AllTaco

      So…you chose, 'Funny dirty photos' to post your super cereal comment?

  • Natasha
  • Thehorror

    I once masturbate on a movie called edward penis hands or something la tete … Yep. I'm an horrible person

    • Dude Imbibes

      TMI bro TMI

  • unstablegirl

    #36 Reminds me of my last date.

  • Max

    #12 AMEN.


    #32 and #4
    Very nice

  • http://alisonlario.com/ Alison Lario

    looks like mac from always sunny in that first pic

    • Really?

      Not even close.

  • Kayvon

    #6, im not sure Honda approved this message

    • slutty angel

      Now, pay close attention as a shove this motorcycle in my va jay jay.

  • Kayvon

    #21… im sure Xzibit played a part in the making of this!

    • The_Hellequin

      "Yo dawg, I heard your baby likes babies so I put a baby in her baby so she could play with her baby and HER baby."

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