• matt

    In mother Russia, gym works out you!

  • Walker

    There's a guy at my gym that does this. It must be a popular workout…

  • Vinny Mosc

    I'm pretty sure thats what I look like most of the time

  • Chiv3On

    Worlds worst fighter…

  • -k9

    Knock him the fuck out! I cannot stand douche bags like this that think this is working out? Ok kindly go up to him and say dude…. Your a Douche…..

    • jimwood

      *you're an idiot

  • guest


  • Rooz

    This is a total joke. He is making fun of the muscle heads! Dude acts like he doesn't know what he is doing but he is ripped.

  • stevedampman

    getting his stretch on for his boy lover back at home.

  • Yessirr

    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "The Insanity Workout"

  • Coop

    Haha and yet he is in pretty good shape! Cant wait till we see his workout video!

  • ChivetteHeather

    He probably thought those bath salts were steroids

  • Eder

    Dude's doing the STANKY LEG!!

  • Kato

    After being cut from Australia's Thunder Down Under, Sergio decided to get back at his former team by training hard at the local gym, from dusk til dawn, exhibiting and experimenting with a couple of powerhouse pelvic thrust moves. A few months later, he made his debut as a Chippendales dancer. At that point, Sergio knew that he had won. He had his revenge and he knew best to serve it in a cold dish… indeed.

  • darkknight9761

    What the hell did I just watch? LMFAO!!!

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  • jono

    the bath salts workout

  • engine911

    No way this guy had to be fing around for the cam.

  • Euroranger

    Just this one time I'd think I could have discerned a real benefit to "roid rage" had one of the other gym patrons physically scolded this asstard.

    Would have made the time I wasted watching this time well spent.

  • Nik

    Muscle confusion?

  • Shea

    I think you were probably all on hidden camera watching him. obviously it's a joke.

  • RobertQ

    Trolling Level: GYM

  • Chazz

    What in the actual fuck?!?

  • SuckySucky

    He's working on flexibility for auto-fellatio.

  • Arseny M

    preworkout pump?

  • Ozzy

    Don't be stupid, that's called the "crazy train", lol….got it?, got it?

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