• ben

    Normally I'm one to judge on the spot, but I gotta defend this kid. Videos like this are what keep people from going to the gym for the first time. It may be unorthodox and definitely isn't optimal, but if it works for him, I can't be one to hate on him for at least going there.

  • NVgrown


  • Canucks_Rule

    i think he's having a seizure. help him damn it!!

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.

  • Bevi

    He's exercising in the wrong place! He needs to find the nearest jungle gym, plus he would save money because playgrounds are free! They're also public, so he might want to wear some face paint.

  • laurla


  • turtle head

    insanity shmanity…

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  • NM-Chiver

    I feel like there's a nature documentary joke somewhere in there…. (in a british domentarian's voice)_""watch as the young male displays his agility and strength to the other, older males through a ritualistic and somewhat bizarre dance, telling all the other males 'that he IS crazy, and it would be in the other males best interest that he shant be fucked with"

  • Party1


  • pat

    i saw that guy on billy blanks once

  • Seba

    Next champion of the world

  • The Captain


  • ddd

    This looks staged

  • StuBABY

    This is the next 90X

  • Truuu

    Ya know i dont think hes got proper form on the second one

  • Kevin

    That is some serious WTF!

  • Ninja Master

    This is just my WARM UP!!!

  • Daeni

    The funny thing is he still can't see his abs

  • burçlar

    hahaha Lol great..

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  • kaishasoldo

    this must be a fake prearranged video, none can behave like that, but still really funny to watch xD

  • kelleyrafton

    well could this be real?? I think it's fake!!

  • british army jobs

    There's nothing quite like working out on cocaine. This is what I do every single morning.

  • british army jobs

    There's nothing quite like working out on cocaine. This is what I do every single morning.

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