Bare backs are such an elegant kind of beautiful (34 Photos)

  • Yada

    great post! first

    • SmuttyMalone

      Yeah…. "backs"…..

  • jmdmn

    #2 Looks like a present just waiting to be untied

    • josh

      Real nice dude….

  • yeah!

    #34 wins

    • Deep Dish

      That is the sexiest underwear I've seen in a long time.

      • ChivetteHeather


    • josh

      Perfect for valentines gift….

  • E Tex

    #20 MOAR

  • CallMeMaybe

    #1 Bewitching.

    • nodon

      Damn, beat me to it.

    • irons

      Good to know some of you chivers are as old as me!

      • Jimmy da Hat

        I'm with you irons… Liz was a FOX!

    • Old School

      Old school hottie. Loved me some Samantha.

    • Brian

      Nose twinkle….


    • GuntherSquirrel

      To quote nodon: "Damn, beat me to it." Well played sir…. well played.

    • Randall

      she has a retro bush

      • Jimmy da Hat

        unlikely! She has been dead for 17 years!

    • sfb101

      Reminds me of the old question:
      Who would you rather do Samantha or Jeannie?

      • forever harmed

        to be fair – you'd have to do them both, THEN decide…

    • Yak Surfer

      Loved Elizabeth Montgomery. Check her out in the Twilght Zone episode with Charles Bronson. Stunning.

      • Williams

        I was going to say the same thing. Unreal.

  • red dragons

    #26 is drop dead beautiful….from the back.

    • josh

      I really like her……very much.

  • Dominic Matteo

    Alec your becoming the fucking man you deserve your own chive shirt

    • Tall Guy


      • Jack Wagon

        Willing to bet that he has a few…

  • Bhodi

    #19 Um, Yes!

  • Crusty Foreskin

    Those backs look empty without a huge glop of my semen on them!

    • andyINalbert

      how could u make such a rude, insensitive comment like that dude? thats a pretty shitty thing to say and its just wrong, it should be MY semen!!!!

    • Geezer

      I was gonna say that I would love to butt fuck each and every one of these beautiful ladies, Ive taken my heart medicine this morning and still got a hard on!

    • tralfaz

      You stay classy San Diego.

      • FishCalledWanda


  • bz1

    #4 Awesome hips, back and tush! MOAR!
    #7, #19, #20 Awesome! MOAR!

  • OmahaDude

    #17 looks wholesome yet naughty, #23 looks delightful. #31 …….is what heaven looks like in my dreams

    • B Dub

      Does anyone else wish we could flip our phone around real quick to see the glorious fronts that go with these sexy backs….ugggg….the technology just isn't there yet :-/ And yeah, #31…heavenly, but one real Chivette and her sexy back is all that is needed…

    • andyINalbert

      if thats heaven in your dreams you need better dreams dude. in my dreams im right there with the girls not watching from the sidelines

      • OmahaDude

        You can't see me. See, I'm in front of all those chicas laying on a mattress and being fed skinless grapes by Alison Brie, while deciding which of my harem I'm starting with. I should have clarified the dream…..

        • andyINalbert

          well in that case *HI5*

  • Hi there everyone!

    Most of those girls need to wipe.

    • sammy

      stinky bottoms.

  • Jeff

    #19 that is one fine back and backside!


    #8, I wish that was my bed.

    • Fog Ducker

      MOAR!!! please

  • r1rider

    #7 beautiful coin slot!

  • Jeff

    #32 for the love of all Chivers, MOAR!!

    • terd sandwich
      • BOOM!

        okay terd, you are awesome and are gonna get me fired all in the same day.

  • tv_paul

    #1 This picture makes something twitch and it ain't my nose.

  • Jeff

    #26 oh how I'd love to remove the KCCO off that hump!

  • Iso

    #31 I want to go there!

  • pa'ver

    #4 #5 #12 #34 yes please

    • john v.

      especially #12 for me – Boom! lots of cushion!

  • Andrew

    #27 Nom Noms

    • Slim Jim

      kind of a pancake but

  • Shepard Wong

    #9 yeah, yeah…i was looking at her back!

    • gabe

      danica thrall….she gets nekid…lots

    • josh

      She's so hot….I wanna marry her. Can I have her number.

  • Sanchez

    #1 Elizabeth Montgomery? From Bewitched?

    • fish

      You betcha

  • Sean Ortiz

    #3 I'm a sucker for chicks with tats. Very sexy 😉

    • Juan

      More girls with tattoos please!

    • @undefined

      this girl! Gypsyone at instagram… totally worth it! oh! and tumblr ….

  • Jason 'Moose' Johnson

    #25, some poor worried man is aimlessly searching the kitchen for her!!!

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