Broncos win…let's bring on their cheerleaders (107 Photos)

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  • Pete

    #1, #46, #103, #105, and #108 are Renée Herlocker. Hasn't been on the team for a few years. By far the most beautiful woman ever to grace the Mile-High field.

    • NotaStalkerReally!

      and has been missed since she left ……

      • David

        I miss Renee Herlocker even less now that Patricia Reimann has come along (and there was also Amanda Lofland in between both Renee and Patricia).

    • David

      I hate to be cynical here, but, yeah, in terms of Renee's physical appearance (because I most certainly cannot describe Renee's personality as being beautiful).

  • Pete
    • David

      No argument from me here!

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  • StuBABY

    #58 I would move to Denver for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eli

    #29. Wow!!

  • ColoChiver

    #39 #57 #67 #100 #107 is Candace Wilson. @BroncoCandace on Twitter

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