Gotta love a girl that can take care of her body (40 Photos)

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  • Alicia N


    Amazing MOAR PLEASE!!!

    • Yep


  • SoFLRider

    #56 #57 NICE #33 & #34 I like what I see but I'll need a rear view to confirm 🙂

  • Dapper_Dave

    #52 Never seen a sweat stain look so sexy….

  • JustTrollin

    "Taking car of" is one thing, but most of these girls have over done it… WAY over done me thinks!

  • falacer

    #25 those legs could crush your head …. I'm game!

  • Jeremy Scully

    #21 and 32 Laura Prestin

  • Tyler Durden

    Some of these women are fucking nasty!! Just sayin'

  • Nwlasaint

    Still don't see anything better than #35. If she submitted that pic, please get moar

  • VaderWRX

    #56 and #57 God damn those are nice asses

  • RayFinkle

    #19 #33 Yucky!!!

  • chiver

    #19 a bit much don't you think?

  • Clegane

    No.2 I will marry you

  • Heber Revilla

    #10? Oh fosho!

  • Hero Sheema


  • Savage308


  • Boobies

    I would let #44 destroy me.

  • Boobs



  • xziled

    the quad sweep on #22 crush my skull!

  • Troy

    Fit girls? Can't get enough !!
    Muscular girls? Might as well go gay

  • yeahyeah

    #58 belongs in the "you aren't a professional photographer" category.

  • Michael22

    #7 Hell fucking yes

  • cole

    #21 your legs haunt my dreams stop posting please!!!

  • Maryqt

    Am I the only one who thinks that half of these girls are way too bulky… its like geez guys go ahead and come on outwill you and F*&@k a man!

  • Manny

    So #21 and #32 same girl? I kinda want to see more

  • Mayday

    #22 Is unbelievable!!!

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