Red lipstick makes every face classier (31 Photos)

  • Heber Revilla

    #23 for the win!

  • Chris

    #31 You are beautiful lady! The photography came out nice. If your not a model, then you should be one.

  • Matt

    No, no it doesn't. Nothing more unattractive than a woman with a ton of makeup slathered on. Insecure much?

  • Alex

    Never realized how hot red lipstick was… And where can I find me a beautiful woman like #9 HOT DAMN!!

  • Addicted Willie

    #16 & #22 Your Freckles or so Hot!! Must have Moar!

  • Macro

    #12 gets my vote for best face ever

  • alison lario

    i think from these comments i now know for sure that guys like a bit of red lipstick on lips haha :]

    • Oklahoma~Chiver

      Just a lil bit lol.. But I've seen some with lipstick that I'm like WTH! Most of these girls are only 17 and younger by the looks of it.

  • Oklahoma~Chiver

    GGeez #31, your killin me

  • S-8-N

    #31 I think I missed the red . . . wait lipstick? what? I'm busy leave me alone for a couple.

  • Kenny

    #31 Big Boobs & no nose ring!!!

  • BabyJesus

    #1 is stunning! I'd let her lipstick get on my collar!

  • Otto

    #9 #12 #21
    Wow, amazingly beautifull

  • Jakemo_1

    #27 I can see your…. aww screw it that joke's stupid. She's hot.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #30 – red lipstick makes everything pop. double-entendre intended.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.

  • KOTE

    #31 nice FLBP!!!!

  • Ranger Rick

    #18 Elisha Cuthbert for the win!

  • Devin

    24 & 21 MOAR PLEASE

  • Fal13n

    #9, #23, & #29 are amazing! MOAR?

  • GoatsMilk


  • LostBroncoFan

    Use to be only sluts wore red lipstick

  • RayRay

    #25 #26 #29

  • lindy919

    If classy = whorish

  • Rubberbandman

    Damn, all girls should do the red lipstick thing, so sexy

  • freezer boy

    #12 Doe eyes, ruby red lips. My balls ache!

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