Releasing 50 more tickets for the official CHIVE Seattle meetup right meow!

seattle meetup on sale now Releasing 50 more tickets for the official CHIVE Seattle meetup right meow!

The fire marshal has given us the green light to add 50 more people to theCHIVE’s first official Seattle meetup. We are realeasing 50 more tickets right NOW! Click here to purchase.
We are still looking for an after party spot, so if there are any Chivers out there who own or manage a bar near the Garage, please email us at thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com.

John n Leo

UPDATE: All tickets SOLD OUT.

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  • Anusville resident

    When is the Anusville meetup?

  • Canadastani

    Where is DAR???

  • Chris Furst

    Baltimore…let's make it happen!

  • Davey

    ORLANDO next. That is all.

  • Chris Newing

    just missed it again damnnnn! who want to sell a ticket for some fly time at iFly Seattle??? Need two tickets??

  • AJ Rantz

    Thanks for selling more tickets!!!!!

    So excited to go!

  • alison lario

    will the models in the photos be there?

  • Lucha

    Seattle is already so close to Vancouver…might as well just come here next…Vancouver that is…

  • Happy Chiver

    Columbus Oh

  • jackazz

    Damn. Missed that round. :/

  • Sean

    Looking for a chivette to go with me to the Seattle meetup.

    • Lyly

      Hey Sean! I'm totally the chivette ur looking for. I've been a loyal chivette for 3 1/2 years and I'd love to go with u. I missed the ticket sale both times, and I'm dying to go! I'm a super cute asian/latina mix who's a lot of fun! I'll buy us a couple round of drinks!! Take me!!

      • Sean

        Okay, here is my facebook id: trick.mcslickmeister. Sorry about the anonymity, i made this account just for these kinds of things.

        • Sean

          actually, you won't be able to see it until i add you. email me:

          • Lyly

            Ok, I'm gonna message you on both facebook and through email.

  • Aguy

    I still got a spot Lyly if it doesn't work out with Sean, if not hopefully I meet you there.

    • Lyly

      Aguy I sent u an email just now, hopefully u get it in time. Check ur email and let me know.

      • Aguy

        I got your email and sent you one back. Let me know if you still wanna go.

  • Sean

    I haven't gotten a reply from lyly yet so i still have a chivette ticket.

    • Lyly

      Sean I sent u one to the email provided but I never heard a response from u. Figured u were no longer insterested.

  • Lyly

    I just wanna go!! Someone please take me with them. I'm a real cute girl with FLBP and a nice hump!

    • Sean

      I still have a ticket if you're interested. Here is my email:

      • Sean

        Just looked at your post below. I never received an email so it must not be working. Try the one i posted above. That one will work since it is my primary email.

        • Sean

          Just saw the email you posted. YGPM

  • Lyly

    What's YGMP mean?

  • Matt

    On a thursday night!!?? Damn i work…you shouldve made it on a weekend!

  • Brandon

    Have fun tonight! I can't believe I'm going to miss the first official meet up!!! ARG!!!!!

  • Seattlechiver

    Where are you going afterwards?

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