Tom Hanks deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award, or a Nobel Prize…something (60 Photos)

Talk about a career. From his humble beginnings back in the early ’80s till now, Tom Hanks has continued to move and amuse audiences worldwide.

There are some notable movie omissions from this list for the sake of time. But feel free to let me know what I missed that you love immensely.

  • Nomad71

    Joe vs. the volcano FTW!

  • Kris-ATL

    Saving Private Ryan & The Money Pit- Two of my favs!

  • Skip

    What about Turner and Hooch?!?!

  • pefas

    Nothing In Common with Jackie Gleason in his last movie.

  • jfree600

    Can't believe I didn't see Turner and Hooch in this list!

  • Allen

    Joe Vs The Volcano.

  • Sebass

    Volunteers, and the money pit are some of my personal favorites.

  • pooperman09

    Saving Private Ryan

  • Canucks_Rule

    #60 – i'm sorry, how is "turner & hooch" not here!!

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.

  • titus2011

    saving private ryan …. classic

  • Jeff

    Omissions? Splash, Saving Private Ryan, Toy Story and League Of Their Own must be on any Hanks essentials list. Great post, he is an American treasure, for being a great talent and more importantly staying grounded through it all.

  • Vensnke

    #35, so that's how you connect Kevin bacon with Tom hanks. Totally forgot about that one

  • russel

    i'm just gonna go ahead and say it…i fucking love tom hanks. maybe even more so than bill murray. both have an amazing catalog of movies/roles. i would buy the shit out of a tom fucking hanks shirt.

  • Shane S.

    Volunteers!! Tom Hanks and John Candy….timeless!!

  • farscapestuey

    I hated Forest Gump. Was torture the whole time. IMO

  • Dan

    He didnt act in it. But I think one of his greatest works has got to be the Band of Brothers TV series.

  • dollabillyall

    if tom hanks were wood, he would be tom planks

  • Patrick Tierney

    Am I the only one who wants a TFM! A "Tom Fucking Hanks" shirt!!

  • celkali

    Road to Perdition. Awesome list of flicks, though. GG

  • Squeak11

    Do I smell a Tom Hanks T-shirt coming on?

  • Mr. McGibblets

    Splash and Money Pit are one thing…. but you leave out Saving Private Ryan ? ? wow

  • Bevi

    I liked him in Bosom Buddies, then never liked him after that. I blame Meg Ryan, they seemed to always make movies together and I don't like her either. HOWEVER, he earned my respect as an actor on the Green Mile when he had the bladder infection. I'd had a bladder infection and he played the part perfectly. So now I respect him as an actor. Actually, he must have had a bladder infection sometime in life to be able to know exactly how to react…. or he is the best actor in the world. Either way…. You're a good actor Tom!

  • Chris A

    Tom Hanks already won the AFI Life Achievement Award.

  • Sean Constable

    What about the money pit. that movie is a classic.

  • Matthew M. Vacca

    Nothing in Common with Jackie Gleason (from 1986) is a very sweet movie that is often overlooked.

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