Tom Hanks deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award, or a Nobel Prize…something (60 Photos)

Talk about a career. From his humble beginnings back in the early ’80s till now, Tom Hanks has continued to move and amuse audiences worldwide.

There are some notable movie omissions from this list for the sake of time. But feel free to let me know what I missed that you love immensely.

  • I Eats Bacon

    Some of the best movies of the last 30 years… and one really bad one. Yeah #49, I'm talkin to you.

  • Mike

    Saving Private Ryan?

  • Dole

    Saving Private Ryan?

  • Jared

    No Saving Private Ryan or Toy Story??

  • Laura

    Splash, Saving Private Ryan, Turner and Hooch, come on..

  • Victor

    Krakozhia!!! KRAH KO Z-AHHH

  • guest

    A League of Their Own "There's No Crying in Baseball!"

  • ricky


  • thedude

    Toy Story!

  • StillDrunk

    Road To Perdition?

  • FiremanRon

    Splash! A League of Their Own. Saving Private Ryan.

  • jacob hoffman

    everyone's covered saving private ryan, but the money pit was awesome.

  • Nicnac

    Tom FUCKING Hanks!

  • rich

    money pit, joe vs the volcano…great movies

  • Miles

    Ok, like a lot of chivers out there, I must ask how you forgot to add one of his best performances in Saving Private Ryan. I mean, I love the list, but it feels so incomplete without that amazing film.

  • JD_AusTX

    I loved Joe and the Volcano! That definitely was a feel good movie.

  • Jim

    The Volunteers. John Candy!

  • BOB

    the man came out of the womb looking like a 35 year old and will die looking like one too…


    JOE VS. THE VOLCANO!!! Its even got Abe Vigoda, good flick

  • Mark

    Saving Private Ryan was probably his best acting job.

  • Schm0ss

    Road to Perdition! He's a bad ass in that one!

  • Drunkandstupid

    Tom Hanks should make a sex tape!

  • bvb09

    forest gump my favorite
    extraordinary peformance

  • Joe

    Saving Private Ryan should not have been missed.

  • BinginNinja

    Volunteers is his MOST underrated movie of all time.

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