A few apartments I wouldn’t mind calling my home (44 Photos)

  • kalan


  • MOAR

    #40 is the pick of the litter IMO.

    • MoreMOAR

      Indeed, we have a winner here.

  • HallaKayeCorpus

    Have a wonderful day from Corpus Christi TX.

    • patrick907

      this comment made my day dont know why but to you also have a good day from kodiak alaska ( originally port lavaca)

  • ImpressMe

    #2 and #40 get my votes..

  • Cpt. Obvious

    #29 If that's a she, and she look good from the front, I'll take it!

    • DemonL

      Darkened room, ambiguous figure, willingness to hit it – classic Chiver. Get some standards man.

      • This Guy

        This coming from the guy who's description is: "I'm just a guy who knows what he likes – slutty women, handjobs."

        Oh the irony…

  • erikhart

    #21 if this is your room, you don't even need rufees!

  • sameguyagain

    it's #21 again! where is this place?

  • Curly_drift08

    #20 is perfect for me. I need that room NOW

  • North

    #19 looks similar to some of the disgusting, DNA soaked rooms at Fantasy Land Hotel in Edmonton.

    • Bud

      It would be funny trying to sell this place. "What do you mean I should list for $250,000?! My Sea floor trim was $30,000 alone!"

  • David

    It would be nice to see the price tags associated with these places.
    oh how a bout a thread of achievable luxury homes and stupid;y amazingly priced homes.

  • Hazel

    With the exception of #21 they all seem way over "styled' – they don't seem have a cozy feel to them at all

  • misschris

    #7 Is awesome and I want it!

  • Pandapants

    Most definitely some of the ugliest shit I've seen.

  • Chiver_Sammy

    #41 who threw the inflatable doll in the middle pool?

  • http://4chan.org/b/ gnocco

    #30 is dope, but a waste of space

  • afjk

    #21 meterosexuals and children can have the rest.

  • Yeah

    I freaking hate being poor. #6

    • techno_viking

      So get off your ass, quit complaining and do something about it.

  • Brent

    What's so cool about this place? #23

  • TNTCad

    #1 and I believe #42 are not real. They are renderings done by Revit. I have the same furniture blocks lol.

  • BamaChivette

    #21… ❤

  • kaboom!

    <sniff> it sucks to be poor 😦

  • swtsxy15

    Maybe it's just me and maybe I've been looking at too many Cat Saturdays but in #29, the poster on the wall looks like a cat's eyes and mouth.

  • John Robert

    #41 – I'm calling "photoshop" on this one. No way can pools be structurally supported as shown in this photo.

    • goglass

      yeah,they're cgi…being built in Mumbai,but i bet the structure is gonna look a lot more beefy when

  • chiverlovin'

    ditto. those are my jam

  • NonBrit

    #1 Why is the computer using the toilet?

    • Shak

      Cleaning the cache

      • Shak

        …also dumping memory

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