A few apartments I wouldn’t mind calling my home (44 Photos)

  • Shak

    #14 smaller than a prison cell! The door doesn't even open all the way…

  • AllTaco

    I can see myself waking up in #4 And #11 Exposed brick is so cool

  • Mark

    #4 Dude has no room to place a bucket, next to his bed, after a night of some heavy drinking. That's just not smart….

  • Dave

    Chive hard at work flipping through the pottery barn kids catalog.

  • Kyle429

    #40 I want to live there.

  • ChivetteHeather

    #5 has my vote

  • Tim

    notice how few successful people put TVs in their bedrooms, there's a reason for that.

  • Ryan

    #40 and #43 sign me up

  • Space Melon

    Quite a few of those are from Pottery Barn…

  • Anonymous

    y no M. Palin?

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