Let’s face it, this is why we love Halloween (34 Photos)

Nobody plays dress-up better than Sarah Jean Underwood.
Via Coedmagazine

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  • SJU is fucking hot

    If #30 was the first one, I never would have seen any of the rest of them. Instant climax.

  • Jig

    #2 for the win!!! Wow Jessica Rabbit! #17 close runner up!

  • bunedoggle

    #24 I'd pitch it to her.

  • Tim Shepard

    Love the Lum costume. Kind of a esoteric choice.

  • gesst

    6/10 would not bang

  • ham00

    thank you for getting us through a very difficult day

  • Justin D.

    While I think she looked better pre-plastic surgery, I'd still f*ck her bloody. Also, #17 and #27 FTW.

  • Jawbone

    Wow! It's almost like you can't find this attention whore naked ALL OVER THE FUCKING INTERNET!!! Thank God she's found a site full of morons!

  • CheesyNubs

    Holy Fauck that girl is HOT!

  • Jiminy

    How long has this been up and no one has pointed out her name is Sara and not Sarah?

  • Barrett D.

    Its strange… Its the same face in 1-34. Must be 'shopped

  • Shawn


  • mrkerrdontplay

    #8 the 9 year old me is furiously masturbating somewhere

  • svp

    Still need moar

  • newfie


    this right here

  • BobBX542

    #15, #16…The best.

  • http://www.nflguess.com kevin

    I'm in love with the idea of being in love with Sarah Jean Underwood…

  • guatarral

    God exists. And he is also horny.

  • Colin

    Oh Sara, you're my favorite… everything!!

    When are you going to come to Fernie and go snowboarding with me!

  • Bane

    She's hot but I feel sorry for those that have never seen Jessica Nigri in her costumes.
    This is why I love Jessica Nigri http://www.mademan.com/chickipedia/jessica-nigri/
    'nuff said

  • brian

    speachless….and of course save the best for last.

  • ...

    She's so slutty but I love her.

  • Jak

    #16 My God, YES!

  • Windy

    #24 is what I will now picture whenever I hear the question "Are you the pitcher or the catcher?"

  • 3pleasantgentlemen

    Who's the asshole that thought #11 was a good idea? "Sarah, you know what guys find REALLY sexy though?"

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