My God… that’s a great point! (36 Photos)

  • chiveadmin
  • linda

    #17 there is an explanation. when they are finished the teacher said: if it where any better it could fly
    and in the end it's better so it can fly

  • Daniel CR

    #13 Haters everywhere !

  • ant

    Frustrating trying to read these when the Tapiture logo always gets in the way.

  • Jawbone

    #14 Everything this douchebag said has been negated by violence. Violence came out on top, regardless of how many douchebag slogans get plastered up under his image.

  • S-rah

    God this post was funny. Needed this for my shit job!

  • anactualgenius

    #27. Only a dedicated racist would make such a r#idiculous quote.

    #14. The only way to deal with people like this…oh wait. He was already dealt with properly.

    #34. Completely irrelevent statement. The comment is not at all applicable to a genius. In fact it proves beyond doubt the misplaced value given to free range ignorance today that someone was dumb enough to acknowledge it.

    • OzarksChiver


  • my_meat_iz_bendy

    #34 doesn't make sense, most likely because whoever wrote it wasn't a genius. You can't simply stop being a genius and reduce your intelligence for the sake of a simple and socially thriving life.

    It's like telling someone to stop seeing colors, it's not a choice. Apparently, they think it's an acquired ability, but it's not.

  • Robert Anderson

    Hate is certainly learned. But not all learned things are taught.

  • gragorybears

    #32. Because cancer research has done nothing ever.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #36 – is he supposed to be a young high quentin tarantino??

    attn bc chivers/chivettes!!
    – 1st unofficial vancity meetup (nov 24th) –>

  • Dub_B_U

    #35 GAMBINO!!!!

  • davo

    do people really give a shit about gay marriage enough to warrant wearing a t-shirt about it? it's like wearing t-shirt that's says "cows eat grass GET OVER IT." either way i don't give a shit

    • 6655321

      You should start with your "no one gives a shit" idea by starting with yourself. Take a look in the mirror and make that change.

    • The_Truth

      Or sometimes dudes marry chicks, get over it!

  • hey_cw

    #1, #4, #36 all the same…. mind not blown.

  • Jessica

    #1 #4 brothers by a different mother?

  • TO in CO

    #19 NEATURE WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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