The new shipment of mail order brides looks expensive (33 Photos)

  • Sean

    #10 Find her

    • Oh_Yeah

      If you look really close you'll notice a tire in this pic.

    • Charlie

      Buy her

    • Available Steve

      I would marry her for money. She wouldn't even have to pay me that much!

    • @undefined

      I don't think you want her, shes got a spare tire.

    • russkielover

      Where were you this morning when I had a flat on the freeway?

  • @undefined

    #1 is it just me or does the entire bottom of her suit look photoshopped? what are they trying to hide…

    • DoubleNickelJP

      Agreed. Maybe she had barnacles on her ass?

    • yikes

      double chin/neck fake ass/almost a child torso/ Russian sex trade bride more like it

    • OK Chiver

      I think the whole picture is off, her head is alittle big and off some what in comparison of the body.

    • Luis Felipe Gonzalez Diaz

      It was photoshopped, but again….. all celebrities / models are photoshopped, even if they don't like it (most of them do like it) :-/

  • Mike


    • shoestring


    • Ralph

      There are questions if these are actual girls available for purchase. Of course not, that's not how things work. The reality is these girls are on russian dating sites in hopes of finding a man to mary overseas. I think some of these pics may have come from because the have a "gold gallery" LOL.

    • TheDoctor
  • Aztek


    • guest

      The only way to be bigger loser than saying "First!" is to say it and not even be first, enjoy your virginity.

    • Istek

      asshole on the page

  • Anthony

    Ill take them all please, do you take credit?……. First

  • bones


  • Booya


  • The_Truth

    I would empty my bank account for #26 if $43.90 is good enough.

    • Hunting

      She's a WOMAN! Damn

    • Si1entStatic

      oh so close the reserve is $44.

      • The_Truth


  • Nseal92

    What a middle of the day boost!

  • Thomy G

    #18 Yea, I'd check her chilli

  • S bob

    #18 find her!!!!

    • mojo77

      Looks like Spears in her prime!

      • Rape it

        Def…was tryin to figure out who she reminded me of

        • emailhobo

          But now you know what became of "Spears"… So stay away!

  • lolken

    i call so much bull shit.

    • John Stockton

      Yeah, me too, but who cares?

  • Bud

    What's the return policy? Can I try before I buy?

  • N2MotoX

    #11 #20 Where do I write…and how much?

    • goatpunch

      Ok I don't understand this. If this is a real thing where are they getting these girls from? Everything I see on the internet is just dating services, not real mail order brides. I'm not sure that exists anymore. What's the point if the chive doesn't provide links to it. Otherwise it could just be images they pulled off google

  • Travioso

    I'd marry one of them as long as they don't speak english

    • Djscoe

      As Eddie Murphy said, they all learn the English word "half".

  • Macro

    Do I get a discount if I take a bundle of #6 #7 #10 #12 #18 ?

  • GRyde

    Expensive looking yes…except #2 not so much.

    • The_Truth

      I concur. Not sure that's a woman.

  • Fuzzel

    #12 is amazing

    • Filbur

      like a young pam anderson

  • r1rider

    #1 I'd wrap those legs around my neck and use her as a feedbag

  • mrkerrdontplay

    the days of sucking dick for loaves of bread are almost over for these commie cuties

    • hootie

      Russia is full of rich assholes now, just like the west dip shit-

      • mrkerrdontplay

        sorry for offending your motherland comrade

  • Smile

    Keep calm and Dave on, you bunch of donkey raping shit eaters.

    • Rastafella

      Did your Mom ever really apologize to you for all those instances of dropping you on your head when you were young? Your anti-social behavior must make you a real troublemaker on your ward, "calling Nurse Cratchet, Smile needs his meds stat!"

    • lol

      This was the funniest shit I've seen all. KCDO!!!

  • @undefined

    #1, #5 & #19 would be nice to see more of!

  • Vegas

    Do they have a lease program? Pay a subscription and get a new one every 6 months or so.

  • 95blackz26

    #1 #5 #22 for test drives please. there are many more but these will do for now

  • Chiver_Sammy

    Is it buy 3 get one free? I'll take #18 #17 #16 & #10

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