• JesusAD

    Can you imagine the fish in there?
    "Hey, Paul. So, tell me again why you were fired?"
    "I don't know, man. They said I just didn't fit in with their plans for the future of the company. And that I was baited too easily. But it was only once, man. I swear. And I escaped! Unlike Kevin. Here's to Kev-"

    • nola


  • Brandon

    Seattle meet up! YES!!!!

  • TChrisB

    Look for the recreation on Mythbusters next season….

  • Donny D

    Da FAWK?!

  • Canucks_Rule

    dude has balls, i'll give him that.

    attn bc chivers/chivettes!!
    – 1st unofficial vancity meetup (nov 24th) –>

  • Dan

    WTF! I have so many questions now.

  • Berts420

    So many haters… Get off your ass and do something with you're life

  • Ramdom awasomeness!

    I was waiting for a deer to come out running away from a wolf. And the strange part was I was thinking it would kick the wolfs ass. That would be supper sad.

  • TRADERA-STOPP « kydblogg

    […] Något man inte ser varje dag. […]

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