It shall be called the Travertson V-Rex (37 Photos)

  • Brian

    Ugly as shit, and definately not worth 50 grand. At least the chive was wise enough to put a few things to look at in this post.

  • DriveBy

    Yeah. Another cartoon motorcycle. zzzzzzzz…..

  • Otto

    #36 Is she included with the bike?

  • Smashy

    To who ever wants or owns one.

    I'm sorry about your tiny penis.

    This bike is fucking ugly

  • tjo55555

    #10 #36 Way to sneak those in there!!

  • The James

    If Optimus Prime had a dick….it would be this bike.

  • Dave C

    yuck ugly thing… I'll stick to my Harley.

  • Barrett D.


    Seriously made my night to see Mr. Goldblum in action.

  • Preston Preston

    From the side profile it looks like the green goblin.

  • st3512520

    Looks like a Predator

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