Redheads are sexy and they know it (40 Photos)

  • alison lario

    I really should dye my hair red 😉

    • Yeah

      Stop trying to get people to go to your porn site "Alison."

  • Jasper

    #27 is hotter than hell. Surprised she hasn't made it into comments yet.

    • El Chicken

      I was just thinking the exact same thing! Had I been eating something, I probably would have spit it out.

    • J_Ace

      Not sure if she really qualifies for a redhead, but damn, we need moar.

  • jim

    Moar Please!

    • Chris Jungels

      I second that!

  • BigSchem

    #39 just take out the piercings and that freckled face would look perfect!

  • Oklahoma~Chiver

    well #34 i would like some more. please. so dont stay a first timer mmmk!

  • Tim

    #31 = MOAR !!!

    • KyleGamgee

      Love her.

  • Ray Jackson

    #16 #33 #38 #39…yes please

    • SOhioChiver

      I like #16 but I wish I could see her face…and the rest of what appears to be a gorgeous body. Gap? Hump? FLBP?

  • Anthony

    #22 Love. Must marry.

  • Slip

    #2 is a guy. Yup for sure. I think your standards are getting a little low here. Just looking out for you.

    • suck me dry

      You know how I can tell you are gay? she's hawt

    • sammy

      is that Clay Mathews?

    • whale hntr

      I went soft when I seen this picture twice…… No mistake, my anti ere,tion alarm went off


    wow!!!! #39 wow!!!!

  • Dusty

    I'm sure the rest were just as hot, but I didn't make it past #6.

    • Womb_Raider

      I know, I'm shocked it took til page two for a comment on her. She's the winner in my book.

  • Da Niel

    #39 stunning!!! #38 Grrrr so HOT!!!

  • mr_thai


  • hmz.

    #18 :*

  • John Bocanegra

    #14 #38 anyone??

  • NJ_Chiver21

    #3 WOW….

  • matt

    #37 moar!

    • Chris Jungels


  • RogerNadal

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  • guest444

    #39 find need moar love those freckles

  • @undefined

    #2 Wow

    • Wide awake

      could not agree more, that is a look that keeps people up for days

    • ChiveOn

      Same girl as #21, twice in one post!

  • Lincoln

    Um, find 39 please. NOW!

  • whoami

    no, just no

  • Dan

    I love redheads

  • @undefined

    #21 #27 #31 #37 #38 Could use a little red on my palette

    • @undefined

      Woops, meant #23

  • Nighteye2

    We need to set up a breeding program to create more redheads ^_-

    • Yeah

      Agreed. I'll start with #5

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