Street graffiti is often art at its purest (35 Photos)

  • SonofEvolution

    #24 Chive I think it's about time we get a Clint T-shirt. So we can reminisce of the days of Clint before he was senile and talking to chairs on television.

  • Justin Lietz

    #10 Hey Sufu made it.

  • jeff

    #10 & #25 OUTSTANDING well done

  • zgl

    the majority of these are fantastically incredible. where are these artists? please come to seattle! #11 – is that lohan? LOL!

  • KyleGamgee

    "Street Graffiti"

    As opposed to what, exactly?

  • kandyah

    who did #17 ? is it this guy

  • Twebb

    #35 the world be great

  • charlie foxtrot

    #13 is friggin awesome

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