The Chive Halloween Line returns!

 The Chive Halloween Line returns!

After Chiver at Heart sold out in under a minute during out last Halloween launch, we received hundreds of emails from Chivers who really (and I mean really) wanted to rock the shirt this Halloween. Thanks to our manufacturer for working long hours to make this relaunch possible.

The entire Chive Halloween Line is back, very briefly, RIGHT HERE.

Good luck and remember to scare the shit out of some children this Halloween.

  • ScootMagroot

    I'm sittin this one out since I got a Chiver at Heart last time. Good luck to everyone!

  • Jeff

    The elusive Black KCCO is back!!! Check the bird that turns green.. good luck, god speed and KCCO!!!!

  • JoeJob

    got my chivette a chiver at heart at 12:59. missed it last time.

  • ChiverLance

    Ordered my Black with the discount code!!!
    <—– This Dude is stoked! KCCO folks!

  • Zak

    All over it. BOOM!

  • presponse

    wow, fastest and smoothest buy yet, got chiver at heart and halloween kcco …

  • bubbadang

    score!!! Halloween and Chiver @ Heart

  • Utah Chiver

    2 of the Chiver at Heart! A whole 2 minutes early!! Praise be to the shirt makers that made this release possible

  • tv_paul

    Got The Orange & Black KCCO in my size no less, Happy Halloween!

  • dcm

    just got 2 chiver at hearts!

  • stefansoble

    That was easy, thanks chive……Can you make a black with pink for men, or a breast cancer one. I want to rock one for my mama

    • Josh

      You should check around theChivery; they might have something for you hint hint….

      • Ezza

        where?? i've onlt seen womens with pink

        • stefansoble

          Me too 😦

    • Clowd

      I actually wrote in asking about this same thing.. I think they should make a Pink KCCO shirt for men who want to support a loved one with breast cancer.

  • @undefined

    Been sitting on this site for the last couple of hours like a Vampire staking out a blood bank. Got BOTH Halloween Tees baby!!! KCCO! ❤ A Loyal Texas Chivette :*

  • thezeb

    Yay, got one!

  • Stephen

    got one of each!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • seabiscuit37

    Got a Chiver at Heart KCCO everyone!

  • jbj78

    Got my Chiver @ Heart!!!

  • Just A. Jason

    Got a few! Including the BLACK!! Click that damn globe at the bottom!

  • Scott

    Awesome. Just got a Chiver at heart and also the black KCCO in orange. I am stoked.

  • RUhigh

    You better check in with the flamingo.

  • noone

    Got a Black/Pink KCCO for the girl, another Black KCCO for me, Chiver at Heart for me and a Black/Orange KCCO for me. What a good day Chive!!!

  • Mrtoevs

    Black KCCO, Orange and Black KCCO! GO GIANTS!

  • Stephen Metcalf

    got one of each!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spirytus14

    Started following theChive recently and LOVE this place! Chiver @ Heart shirt ordered!!

  • Just A. Jason

    I'm so pissed I didn't see that Orange one! And i panicked and placed two orders to make sure I got them. So I'm paying for shipping twice like a sucker. Still so pumped!!

  • Popowich

    got 2 Chivers at Heart, 2 Orange KCCO's and A Black/pink KCCO all for Me and the wife! FUCKING GREAT DAY!

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