The Chive Halloween Line returns!

 The Chive Halloween Line returns!

After Chiver at Heart sold out in under a minute during out last Halloween launch, we received hundreds of emails from Chivers who really (and I mean really) wanted to rock the shirt this Halloween. Thanks to our manufacturer for working long hours to make this relaunch possible.

The entire Chive Halloween Line is back, very briefly, RIGHT HERE.

Good luck and remember to scare the shit out of some children this Halloween.

  • KDS

    What is so difficult about getting Chive t-shirts?? Success every time I've tried!!!

    • Ezza

      i'm with you on that one, 100 percent success rate.. Yet all i see is people saying it's so hard to get shirts…

  • Question_Mark_

    Orange KCCO!

  • Ana C. Ortiz

    Been sitting on this site like a vampire staking out a blood bank. Missed my first shot at the "Chiver at Heart" tee when I was in Vegas. Victory is MINE!! Got BOTH tees baby!! Whoop!! ❤ A Loyal Texas Chivette :*

  • Nate

    Got both a minute early but what happened to the Mummy one?

  • VaderWRX

    LeeAnna is a FOX and also a Vamp.

  • pepito115

    Got me a Chiver at Heart, and the black/orange KCCO! I also noticed this was one of the smoothest times I've had ordering… stoked. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!

  • KKCOisalifestyle

    Yes chive! Thank you for my black KKCO and 2 chiver at hearts one for me and one for my bud! Were gonna tear it up in San Diego now!

    KKCO everyone, and happy halloween!!

  • Agent Chuck

    One nice new and cool KCCO Orange winging it's way to Blighty !

  • HappyChivette

    Spent all my deployed BF's money, but he'll be receiving a Chiver at Heart, and a Halloween KCCO! (Plus I snagged a pink/black KCCO for myself.) It's a GOOD day.

  • JoeJob

    Had to go back and get an orange, and my Chivette a pink on black. I think I have a problem…


    Yes chive! Thank you for my black KKCO and 2 chiver at hearts one for me and one for my bud! We are gonna tear it up in San Diego for Halloween now!

  • Justme

    Was able to snag 2 Chivers at heart. I'm so freaking excited. I've never been able to actually get a shirt. This is going to be a great all Hallows Eve. 🙂

  • ACM7

    Thanks for working so hard and getting these relaunched! you're awesome Chive!

  • Dominic

    Chive get the window decals back!!!!

  • tom c

    Search around thechivery site very closely….other treasures are being released…….

  • ThruMy3Y3Z

    Got the black and the halloween kcco, Wearing my Chiver at heart today for the Johnnie Walker tasting tour !!

  • Really?

    21 minutes after and I still got one of each. Great Job Chive!

  • Rage

    Ordered my 'Chiver at Heart' shirt! [First chive shirt] The anticipation is going to kill me! Happy buying all!

  • Nick Listerman

    In for a KCCO Black and KCCO Orange!

  • Jess

    Awesome, Chiver at heart, KCCO halloween and KCCO Black.
    No Chive, You're Awesome!!!

  • PhillyChive

    first Chive t-shirt is the Black KCCO?! Hell yeah!

  • MLR

    KCCO orange! KCCO special black I will have you another day….

  • Swampdonkey

    Black KCCO !

  • Alex

    How can I get the regular Black KCCO?????

    • Kristin Wick

      Find the bird!! Hint….Check the room! Good luck

      • Alex

        I did it, thanks Kristin!

    • Ezza

      check the flamingo

    • Really?

      Gotta find it in the Chivery, think Emu.

  • BuckersAZ

    Orange kcco and chiver at heart!! YAHOO

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