The Chive Halloween Line returns!

 The Chive Halloween Line returns!

After Chiver at Heart sold out in under a minute during out last Halloween launch, we received hundreds of emails from Chivers who really (and I mean really) wanted to rock the shirt this Halloween. Thanks to our manufacturer for working long hours to make this relaunch possible.

The entire Chive Halloween Line is back, very briefly, RIGHT HERE.

Good luck and remember to scare the shit out of some children this Halloween.

  • Mistafiss

    Buzzin! Finally got my KCCO shirt!! Bout frickin time chive!!! Straight to Manchester!!!! BOOM!!!

  • hi mom

    tacky expensive shirts

  • BROB

    I feel like it is weird that they are still available. Feel like I am going to get an email, saying SIKE we sold out in 3 minutes.

  • @undefined

    It pays to read the comments!!! Almost missed out on the Black/Pink KCCO for the women!! NOW I am complete and I guess I can go back to work…after I have looked at all the CHIVE posts. KCCO! ❤ A Loyal Texas Chivette :*

  • Verbal_Kint

    Dude, what's up with $8 plying cards?

  • jbcrazylife

    Got the Black KCCO!!!! Hell Yeah!!

  • Mike

    Got me and the wife both some KCCO blacks

  • ace2me

    Got my KCCO Black but does anyone know how to get the grey one?

  • Alex

    Didn't get a chiver at heart but got black KCCO for my wife and I!

  • Halloween!!!

    Halloween KCCO FTW! Will go nicely with my St. Patty's Day KCCO 🙂

  • Obed Felix

    Got my chiver @ heart……

  • otagphoto

    any guess on the hoodie?

    • presponse

      check the "no bra" post from earlier today, they hinted at next week

      • otagphoto


      • ChiverOnFoot

        I remember a few weeks ago in one of the DARs there was a shot of John on the balcony of the chive offices and he was wearing a grey american apparel type hoodie with KCCO and the crown on the left chest area. Hoping for that.

  • pete

    black and pink kcco shirts on sale now!!

  • Obed Felix

    I think I'm happier today than when I married my wife…….. because I finally got a KCCO!!!

    • Justme

      Oh my God!!! That was the funniest thing ever. 🙂

  • Mike

    just scored me a small and large halloween kcco shirt…

  • seabiscuit37


  • Utah Chiver

    Almost an hour later, and still scored a Halloween KCCO! Good job, Chive. Way to have plenty available this time. Can't afford black KCCO at the moment. Next time, baby…

  • Wesley

    Got me a black KCCO!!! Woohoo!!!

  • A mac

    Chiver @ heart, orange KCCO, and KCCO black…. I'm calling win on the day!

  • calgarychivette

    I was able to get the husband and me one of each shirt, so happy they didn't sell as fast today. KCCO everyone

  • Dave

    Trying to KCCO while patiently waiting for the shirts I ordered over a month ago!! Hopefully by Christmas.

  • TravB1027

    Hot damn! Got me a black keep calm this afternoon, and laser etched pint glasses this morning.

    It's been a great day.

  • Kitten

    snagged one!

  • Drone

    Haven't receive my e mail yet …..:S but my bank shows the charge

  • wally

    Any chance for another round on these? Work is my excuse. Guess it's not meant to be if not. Womp whaaa.

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