The Chive Halloween Line returns!

 The Chive Halloween Line returns!

After Chiver at Heart sold out in under a minute during out last Halloween launch, we received hundreds of emails from Chivers who really (and I mean really) wanted to rock the shirt this Halloween. Thanks to our manufacturer for working long hours to make this relaunch possible.

The entire Chive Halloween Line is back, very briefly, RIGHT HERE.

Good luck and remember to scare the shit out of some children this Halloween.

  • thatgirldownsouth

    I'm ecstatic. I got my first Chive shirt. Running through the house like a madwoman to grab my debit card. Yay!

  • Hack

    I guess good business in todays world is always being sold out of everything.

  • josh

    OK. I have a new black KCCO men's XL shirt. I did open it to see how big it was. I need an XL 3D BFM shirt. Anyone willing to trade? I'm trying to do a solid for a friend and XL doesn't fit me or I would keep it. It may just end up on ebay and I don't want to do that. Any help out there?

  • Dreski03

    Chiver @ Heat and Orange KCCO just after 4. #Nice

  • Bryan

    😦 missed out on the halloween tee, and NOTHING else I want is in stock. why does w*rk have to get in the way of my joy?

  • Guest

    More orange KCCO's and more ladies Black/Pink KCCO's on sale now. Get em while they're hot

  • grant


  • Lucky Lucy

    John you're such a stud in that pic ♥ 😛

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