Fall is a damn fine season for yoga pants (49 Photos)

  • Simon

    Isn't #31 a bad shop effort?

    • Gee

      More like a picture taken by a creepy pedo …. shouldn`t be on this page, obviously too young.

    • nphotoblue


    • http://reamers.org Handjob Murphy

      Not bad, dreadful. Looks like someone took an image of a naked ass and layered it onto this skinny, assless girl, a little fading and voila! Crappy Photoshop for you to enjoy.

      • HumpDan

        …and she's eleven years old.

        • MJC

          ^^ I was thinking the same thing

          • yonotan

            me three.

        • Eric

          Am I missing something? since when do 11 year olds look like that. She is probably 18 or 19 at the youngest.

          • BCA225

            They removed and replaced the creepy pic at some point.

    • Jakemo_1

      It's a stair. See the moulding?

    • cat hammer

      it's stairs….look closer.

    • TommyKnockers

      I hate getting behind on my chiving..I'm catching up days late and the pic I'm seeing obviously isn't the same one everyone is commenting on. She 20-ish and behind her is a staircase, so either I'm missing something or the pic got swapped.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.woodrome Paul Woodrome

    #6#7#9 MOAR!!!

    • http://reamers.org Handjob Murphy

      #6 is shopped. Look beside that left cheek, the other woman's leg is ever so distorted. Alas, why do some feel compelled to take a perfectly beautiful ass and embellish it thus.

      • tralfaz


      • http://www.facebook.com/paul.woodrome Paul Woodrome

        Effed you photoshop ruining such a beautiful thing.

    • gnocco

      there is a lot more #7 floating around…. ain't too shabby

      • me...bn


      • http://www.facebook.com/paul.woodrome Paul Woodrome

        Who is she?

    • Womb_Raider

      #9…Looks like your tail pipe needs some work Ms. Let me clear that right up for you.

  • Chris

    This is all relevant to my interests…

    • 650

      Pedobear approves #31

      • JHL1

        She's too old for Pedobear, but I shall render my approval.

  • saucypants

    #30 I'll touch yours if you touch mine. Actually I'll touch yours regardless. Then I'll touch mine.

  • amicus

    #6 creeper…thank you

    • Tourette's Guy



    • Joe

      Keep on creepin. We want moar! 😉

  • Tiber_Septim

    #18 #37 perfect

    • Savage308

      they all look damn good, but those two are definitely at the top.

  • Andy Valentine

    I tried a yoga class once, though not in yoga pants you'll be glad to hear. I was the only guy in the class. That was a good day.

    • Kato

      I bet you sat in the back.

      • Andy Valentine


  • Jack


  • LOS


  • RealZoo

    #12 #14 #37…That is all!!!

    • bill

      Why the fuck is Selena in there u sick fucks

  • dreez

    Yoga pants are one of gods finest gifts to mankind

  • poop chute

    #34 I'll take a couple breasts with that juicy thigh.

  • Andy Valentine

    #31 – Is this even legal to look at?

    • Gee

      My thoughts exactly, shame on you chive.

    • Thoridin58

      Legally, you can look but it's definitly not something you should be doing. Someone at theChive is not paying attention to the pics they accept or pull from the internet.

    • Jimmy

      C'mon Chive. What is taking so long to remove this pic???

    • Billy Bong Thornton

      Totally Unacceptable Chive….

    • Mr_fn_T

      seriously, bob. is this supposed to be funny? i already have the flu, and this just made me feel sicker

    • 0CanadianBacon0

      I like how you complain Andy but you comment on her twice in a few minutes… I think you secretly like it.

    • B_ ran

      You guys are stupid. She is not underage. My sister looks younger than her and she is 22.

      • Andy Valentine

        Well, now that the image has been changed, it's fine

  • crazydog

    ok can't help myself….


    • guest

      no way….. i wanna be first……and third

  • Bazinga

    #12 holy shnikes

    • Alex

      8:30 AM and this one opened my eyes. Hellooo!

    • RooFeeOOO

      Usually when I see someone with a wedgie I just laugh and maybe feel sorry, but for some reason I just want to help her out and pick it for her.

      • J_Ace

        By help, you mean take it all off, then yes, i am with you sir

  • Probably

    #17 "yeah hi, is the brunette fisher working today?"

    • rico

      We must find this gril

    • Brent

      This is my kind of girl

    • Colin

      oh those Illinois women sure do it right

    • Joe

      Someone call that number!

  • myles

    yoga pants yes vpl no #2

  • Davey

    Tis the season.

  • FallenInLove

    #19 please MOAR…. Find her.

    • Daniel Collier

      She's an Aussie mate, here you go; http://www.elliegonsalves.com/

    • Rex Crotch

      She looks like she could beat me up. A little too manly there for me.

      • morebeer

        Sounds like you need to grow a set

    • Guest


  • lrc1988

    #31 is obviously an underage girl… as in like a 12 year old on a swim team. Look at her scrunchie in her hair and the young girl in the background… not very acceptable to gawk at.

    • Womb_Raider

      Whoever took this picture needs to be smacked. Hoping mod posted it as a joke.

      • morebeer

        Terrible joke

    • Eric

      No way in hell she is 12, I would bet she is no younger then 18.

    • Yeah

      It looks like they took down the pic and replaced it.

  • Professor Squeegee


    The lady wearing purple is a slacker.

    • Tom

      STL represent!

  • üäö

    Gif`s don`t work

    • maboze1x

      Try harder! 😉

  • nphotoblue

    #12 #40 #42

    Remember when yoga pants were pretty much just black and not tacky? Must every goddamn thing that is wonderful and sexy in this world get shit on by fucking guidos??

  • John Robert

    Had a few pedobears in this one. Not cool.

    • truth

      That just makes Bob's avatar seem creepy.

  • English Chive

    #31 Is a child. You should be ashamed.

    • The Bandit

      ….sorry guys. Didn't really look that close. Just scrolled through quickly and posted without paying too much attention. No offense….

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