• emu90

    where is this magical place?!

    • Rick McStick

      Looks like Lake Powell mate.

    • ....

      Looks like Lake Powell, which is on the border of Utah and Arizona. Amazing place to gon on a vacation. I've been going there years now.

      • coop

        Before it was cool? Hipster.

        • JoeMamma

          Wish I had a trust fund too

        • ....

          Many people have been going there for years now. Really popular with houseboats. It's a lot more families there though, compared to say Lake Havasu which is a lot more college people.

  • Ride

    I miss summer, girls wear less clothes in the summer!

  • Joe

    Just a little bit
    Jealous of them..

  • drizzle

    Man that devin super tramp does the coolest shit

    • Wiley

      Falling from space wins any day.

  • Blah

    What's the song called? Catchy.. also, this makes my life seem very…boring.

    • Blah

      Song– Scott & Brendo- One Afternoon

  • J.S. Wright

    I should really do something like this next summer. Eh… who am I kidding. Patios & rum are close enough.

  • Spider fighter

    Spider fighter does not approve of people having fun without him

  • Nilson

    Seriously i want this guys life. Next summer I am doing this along with the extreme water slide!

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Top day out!

    I missed summer as I was indoors studying for exams and writing my dissertation, so this actually depresses me.

    Way to go, Chive.

  • a-nom

    Dude, Alec, how have you guys not posted all of this guy's videos? I've been a fan of that channel on youtube for a wicked long time and always wondered how you guys hadn't found them. Post more of them!! They also use Can't Stop Won't Stop alot in their videos who is a pretty awesome hip hop lyricist.

  • imdowngetme

    Sad mood commencing 😦

  • scaggnettii

    Wish i was a rich kid…

  • http://www.thewaterblob.com Steve

    Another satisfied WaterBlob customer made by Springfield Special Products! Great video guys!

  • Shadow Chiver

    Lol the big dude didn't even take off…they should have all jumped in on the other end =)

  • Mike

    Can we hangout?

  • kolby

    I officially hate my boring life.

  • http://Www.contour.com MechAniX.one

    Isn't this a Contour HD promo video? It clowns the GoPro.

    • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

      That's the Contour Roam2!!! Can't beat ease of use on those things and they are built like tanks! Errr waterproof tanks!

  • Steve

    Powell kicks ass! The Best Place on Earth!

  • JOe

    Rich white kids. Meh…

  • Rmoney

    I love seeing rich white kids having fun.

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