Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (24 Photos)

  • Dick

    First you Chive cumtards

    • Tyrion Lannister

      Great! You get the biggest douchebag award!

      • C'mon Man

        People on the chive are so predictable… Always saying the same shit everyone else says and for some reason get gratitude out of making these comments. You people, are lame. First is a great achievement; however, because this site is lame and can't even get triple digit comments, it isn't as great. But, still great cause it bothers y'all

        • Mmmhmm

          Couldn't agree more. All these fools
          Say the same thing – over and over again. It's like chive employees are makin all the comments

          • Paula_

            People on the chive are so predictable… Always saying the same shit everyone else says and for some reason get gratitude out of making these comments. You people, are lame. It's like chive employees are making all the comments.

            – Fan testimonial: "The correct use of "you're" vs. "your" would be: Paula, you're a mistake that your parents should never have made. – @McBeastie666"

            • GeoQuin4

              Lame, yet here you all are… brilliant!

        • joe shabadoo

          it's funny cause people like Tyrion Lannister seem legitimately pissed off for some reason. well worth it

    • moose_nutz

      Lives up to his name.

      • Poop Stain

        all of these retarded comments just made me shit my pants.

        • OzarksChiver

          How can you tell?

          • LeonardoB

            Farts don't have lumps

    • Big D

      If you don't like the Chive then don't follow it! I don't like fish, but I don't eat it to tell people how shitty it is. Seek professional help

      • Dick

        I don't like you. You suck dog cock. I'm going to tell you about it too. So take that fuckhole.

  • Rick

    #5 That is some serious ass! 🙂

    • Dayumm

      "Dat Veronica Vaghn has some serious ass… I know cause I've been there…" " no you haven't" " no, but I know a guy who did" "no he didn't…" "No no he didn't… But YOU CAN IMAGINE if they DID!!!"

      Is what came to mind…


      1 4 7 12 24 are all unbelievable. Wow.

  • Yann

    #10 is SO HOT!

  • andyINalbert

    not first

    • joe shabadoo


  • Curly_drift08

    #2 I'm in love ❤

    • Peter

      Is she doing the gangdam style dance?

    • Jay

      Yeah, redheads are my weakness. She is so cute!

    • Stephen Austin

      If Taylor swift was a redhead this is what she would look like

  • bboy

    i submited some pics but the its says the max file size is 2MB. is this true?


    #10 has got some natalie portman look going on there.


    • Pablo

      FYI her name is Ariadne Artiles. Spanish model

  • reggie1610

    #12: Exceptional. I am suddenly very hungry!

    • JAFitC

      Rump roast, perhaps?

    • biggles

      that is perfection. It's too bad it doesn't last though..

      One kid, it's all over.

    • ChiveOn


  • falacer

    #12 Yes please!!

    • Big A


      • WS6

        Priscila Escobar

  • BigtotheD

    #18 love this pic

    • Riddler

      pop! oh crap my heart just blew up.

      • Geezer

        Ronald McDonald called and he wants his hair back!

        • JHL1

          No, no, no… he said that he wants her on her back.

    • relojazul

      aleksandra wydrych nsfw for some, you're welcome

      • Yeah

        Nice. Thanks!!

  • Yup

    #12 and #19 must be found , who are they ? MOAR !

    • ChrisCJC

      Yes, #19 must be found!

      • YeahIKnewThat

        Rachel Roxxx

      • whos.mike

        Cheap implants.

    • Brent Orebaugh

      out of that well designed list, I am with you 100% on the choiches you have made here. Perfect call!!

  • craigmarchphotography

    #18 looks like fun


    #4,#7,#9,#12.Mac, your skill set is through the roof.

  • Tyrion Lannister

    I'm not trying to be critical here, but this picture would be a lot better if someone cut her hair

    • Pat Healy, P.I.

      "That's why I said! Nobody is going to tell me I can't hang out with retards."

  • DisNinjaSeen

    Dare I say… "Oppa,…" #2
    Just Kidding. No, but seriously.

  • jamieC06

    i wish the middle of nowhere was my backyard.. 🙂

  • NeedleFapper

    #18 I like you. Chive, set it up will ya?

    • relojazul

      aleksandra wydrych nsfw for some, you're welcome

  • Jackie Treehorn

    No beating around the bush #18 gives me a boner

  • Tiber_Septim

    #4 a sweet beauty she is

  • joe

    #2 puts a stir in me loins.

  • pobpi850

    #12. clearly the winner



  • minz

    weekly dose of models!

    • Jimbo

      Models are much better looking than "real" girls.

  • @undefined

    #2 #12 #14 #18 #19 Oh my good god.

    • Da Niel

      Hell to the yes my good friend!!!

  • Gursch

    #2 hot girls in the middle of winter.

  • Chris

    This is BULLSHIT! I've been hiking out to several middle of nowheres for MONTHS and I haven't found ANY of these girls! WTF?!?!

    • jimmer nobody

      I have a mountain nearby and I am almost positive there may be some there. Damn I'll have to look.

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