Behind the scenes of some of your favorite horror films (38 Photos)

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  • tv_paul

    #30: So my motivation is I was abandoned in this androids chest, I burst out and I'm left on my own to fend for myself never really making a connection with my mother.

    • Stephen

      This photo is from Alien, not Aliens

      • Jawbone

        And in neither did an alien burst from an android's chest.

  • Beck

    First d-bags

    • Dan

      You sir are the D-BAG

  • Juan

    2nd first post tho

  • Parkview

    #37 great movie

  • crapfarts

    #16 DEAD

    • acupofjoe

      His acting lives on!

    • truth

      Really do miss his acting. Trade in all the Kardashians, Chris Brown, Kanye West, and Dane Cook to have him and Bernie Mac back.

      • Marc

        Keep Kayne and substitute lil' wayne.

        • Dan

          i'd keep kim kardashian and limit her appearances to only girl on girl sex tapes or playboy spreads. get rid of kanye and lil wayne chris brown, taylor swift, justin bieber and the other annoying broad who only sings about breakups, adelle

          • holyshit

            If you ran for a public office with only this as your platform, I would vote for you.

    • Womb_Raider

      You're point being? Oh, you didn't have one, just douchin around? Poor guy.

      • The_Truth


  • PeyKonzloas
  • AssClown
    • MattyDeuce

      haha, I was really hoping you would get a comment in here…good to see you not tormenting those people for once 😉

    • KyleGamgee

      Y'know, that's Tim Curry's real hair.

      • MonkeyMadness

        Yes, so we've heard but I find it hard to believe.

  • Pennywise

    #1 I still hate effin clowns because of this flick. And i still think of pennywise when i see street drain.

    • Will

      Oh they float Georgie…and when you're down here, you'll float too!

    • leavethelighton

      Well , there goes sleeping tonight. Seeing Pennywise at age 13 kinda fucks you up.

  • DrBoogie_R32

    #23 Gizmo was cute at around 5 inches. This however, creeps the hell out of me.

    • Whoa.

      Yeah, why the heck is he so big??

  • abaffuto


    Just your friendly Xenomorph hanging out…

    • Jesse

      He's Tweeting about how much his balls are sweating.

    • jesus

      "where can be this girl…ripley??? i can´t find her…i just wan to play…"

  • Sydtrolls

    #36 Great movie!! Be an awesome set to have a party on.

    • Mike

      love that movie, its a shame more people dont know this movie, all of my friends are losers that have never seen it, along with Monster Squad(fuck the goonies son!)

  • Dirty Dave

    #23 gremlins is a Christmas movie in my book

    • @undefined



    #30 anyone else notice this is from alien not aliens

    • Joe

      YES thank you. ALIENS had those tube protrusions on their backs.

      • SlikNick101

        Aliens and Alien both had tubes. This is the Alien 3 dog alien.

  • Justin Lentz

    #2 doesnt look as scary when hes sad. Are they all sad down there?

    • Applefish

      No, They all float.

  • Justsayoyvey

    #23 Gremlins: got love em #35 I know the name of the movie is the incredible shrinking man, but did they have to shrink the production crew too?

    • Applefish

      That comment made my day. xD

  • Coop


    Pennywise is so awesome.

  • Hans_in_Ohio

    #18 #19 Still the scariest in my book

    • fish

      You, my friend, are Fuckin-A Well Told. Scariest. Movie. Ever.

  • ED-D

    Ya I hate Fkn clowns . Had a clown looked exactly like the one in Polterguist threw that bitch out my bedroom window next day its back in my room on the rocking chair.
    Finally get enough balls to get out of bed drag that fucker to the kitchen put it in the garbage figure theres no way its coming back now.
    Go to bed that night wake up in the morning and its back in the rocking chair.Took me 3 day to get the courage to grab it again or even go near it i had a blanket over it slept under the covers in the middle of summer this was.Finally took it out back and burned that thing i was 8. Only to find out years later my dad kept bringing it back up for me cause he thought i had lost it …. I can lol at it now but i was scared shitless to go upstairs by myself for years cause of this.
    And my names Eddie so that fkn IT movie didnt help.

  • jojo

    #2 #30
    –"Whass up"
    -+"Noth'n B. Just watch'n the game hav'n a Bud. Sup wit chyou"
    –"Nu'n, Just watch'n the game hav'n a Bud"
    -+"True, true"

  • Bx

    Scream 1,2,3, and 4 are the best

  • krypto092108

    It wasn't Pennywise the Clown, it was the Original Joker from Batman, Detective Comics and DC comics that did it… Set me on a course of lifelong coulrophobia, that is.

  • Rock_n_Rye


    I wanna bounce, where's my Juggalos at?

  • Jimmy

    #22 Why is skinny Ron Jeremy in this pic?

  • Kodos

    "Yes, I want to kill all you little punks in real life, too."

    Do it Jack! Do it NOW!!

  • Kodos

    #11 #25 #33
    The classics.

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