It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (27 Photos)

  • johnnystyle25

    #15 Boxing would become my favorite sport.

    • Wet_tosti

      Did Chris Brown just posted a comment on the Chive?

    • savagecabbage

      Second Keeley Hazell picture today. nice work chive

    • nig nog

      boxing already is my favorite sport. This would just make it so much better.

    • MonkeyMadness

      I'd hit it.

  • Huk

    15 win!

    • SOhioChiver

      like this…#15

      • Huk

        Sorry.. Thanks, man. I'm new to this.

  • Buck

    #21 *can't put my finger IN it.

    • musky

      In the event of a fire, all the men die

    • mbns

      You, you can't.

    • H-Town

      I read it as "pregnancy exit map" at first glance

    • Sam

      Can't huh….Perhaps you need to try different pickup lines.

  • Banana


    • Buck

      4th what? 4th picture? What about it?


  • goatpunch

    Right now my screen says there are no comments yet but I have a feeling as I type there are probably already several first commenters. This leads me to believe that perhaps the chive doesn't have an auto refresh function solely so they can troll first commenters. Genius or stupid, you decide

    • goatpunch

      BTW if there are no comments yet it also says "be the first to comment!" They are begging you say it, and subsequently get word raped, ha!

    • Womb_Raider

      I vote genius. I love seeing the First tools get verbally abused when their post is halfway down the page.

  • Bigotis

    thank you….my hangover is considerably more bearable…now for some actual work

  • Oltimey

    #1… When Moms away……Dad will give 2:1 odds

    • SOhioChiver

      It should read "There can be only one"…Just sayin'

      • m_ad_04m_ax_

        yeah how could they mess that up

  • V4Vendetta14

    #27 I took the original as a joke on every other nation on the planet…

    • Easterner

      So did I!

    • SAChiverSteven

      I live in South Africa so the original makes a lot of sense…

    • utterly baffled

      I'm confused. You're trying to tell me that this picture on the Internet is available in more countries than just the US?

    • assman

      I like to think of it that way, but hipster tools tend to bash america even though they live in it and benefit from it so I can see how a lot of people thought the OP of the original joke was just another complaining worthless hipster.

      • Fellow

        You're a loser and your country is raping you. Wake up.

    • Jeff

      I assumed it was aimed at Austria, not the US or any other country because both red bull and Felix are from Austria

      • Drew Brees

        yeah the austrian space program did not put a rover on mars

    • Bam

      to be fair, they probably should have compared the rover to the size of something that is not a German car… but then again…. the rover does need to be made to go around corners… but that's a different conversation…

    • thar

      ither than russia as they are the only nation that can put things that live into space. Nasa cant even get a worm of the ground anymore

  • maboze1x

    #15 Ding, ding, ding

  • pimpninjaa

    #15 lil mac is ready to take on that fight

  • IRawdoggedyurgf

    #6 10 to 1 odds this pic was taken in a single wide mobile home in oklahoma

    • robsterling

      Really? You would think they would use the room as an additional meth lab.

    • Iso

      I just cannot get past the granny-shoes.

    • dirtysteve

      Now all I can think of is Steel Panther's 'Girl from Oklahoma'

    • OKChiver

      You are correct … your sister and aunt (same person) have moved here. We're all enjoying fucking the shit out of them (her). BTW go fuck yourself while they're away.

      • John

        Awwwww, poor poor baby got his feelings hurt. Don't worry, it's not your fault that you live in the shit-hole of the world. It's not your fault that most people would rather live in Fallujah during the Iraq War than Oklahoma.

        • MonkeyMadness

          lol then you've never been to Oklahoma. Don't be hatin, jealousy is such a terrible trait.

  • VolleyMav

    #1, Would also have accepted, "Two men enters, One man leaves!!!"

    • Ben

      or: Two babies enter, one man leaves.

  • Kyle Bartley

    #27 I assumed they were just talking about the vast majority of nations. Not the United States.

    • dirtysteve

      That would only make sense if said nations were saying they had a space program.

      Honestly, I think the creator of this meme was aiming at the US, and forgot the Mars rover, which IS bloody impressive.

      • matt

        yeah it was definitely aimed at the US with the elimination of the shuttle program and recent stories about NASA funding, including ones on this very site. the mention of teh mars rover is also a very good retort to that valid criticism.

        you all know it is possible to be proud and critical of something at the same time right?

    • chucklesclown

      I figured as much too.

  • @undefined


  • sledneck600

    Takes pear pressure to a whole new level
    Funniest game ever

    • Mathias

      Pear pressure… Must resist spelling Nazi tendencies.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        Pears are among the most megalomaniac of all food groups. Indeed, you MUST resist their Nazi tendencies.

    • Summit

      Absolutely agree with #24. Epic

  • Underbaker

    #14 Damn it, I didn't think anyone would find it there.

  • Underbaker

    #16 So true. Nothing is idiot proof, they just keep building better idiots.

  • Banjo Bob

    #15 Keely Hazell… You'll thank me later

    • GatOner

      I'll thank you now…

  • alex

    #20 I draw your attention to Silence of the Lambs

    • Dr_StrangePants

      It was actually Hannibal, the sequel. But excellent point!

  • tv_paul

    #21 Even with a map most guys often can't find the right spot (or just don't care).

  • NorCal420

    #23…wonder if ammo is included

    • Critical Observer

      optional, naturally!

  • Odintorr

    #9 You Know An Owl Who Wears A Hat Like That Isn't Afraid of Anything


      so it basically becomes a honey badger?!

    • Josh

      That is a very cunning hat.

  • FarknChiveon

    #15 Is she wearing boxing chaps? I love boxing chaps!

    • lat297

      I love boxing too, chaps! Tally Ho!

  • Matticus

    nice 🙂

    • Isaac

      I think nice too. What the hell is with the constant anti-American sentiment on here. I only reply for the negatives that people get for shows of support. Bad times but chopping her down all the time is taking its toll on old lady liberty. She'll be there for you unappreciative punks when push comes to shove, or should we rely on allies to protect us as a nation the way they do us? Where's the world without her? Think about it?

  • misschris

    #2 Jesus Christ that woman is gross.

    • abaffuto

      Who is the celebrity…? I can only name Slimer!

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