Some signs aren’t even trying to make sense (35 Photos)

  • This guy

    #7 this is an anti gay sign

    • Euroranger

      I'll have to take your word for it. I'm straight and it's not bothering me.

    • MoMeRob

      That's ridiculous. It's a PRO-gay sign. Cuz you're not allowed to go straight.

      • This guy

        Interesting, if you can't turn left and you can't turn right…… ?

  • SixPigeons

    #26 I'm pretty sure they've got Johnny Five locked up in there.

  • ZenZug


    Used porn

    • Schnizz56

      I think #30 is probably used porn!

  • rgh

    I guess I better take surfing an elephant off the bucket list…


      Damnit…..alright turn around!

  • IRawdoggedyurgf

    #18 God bless America!

  • AnyoneForCoffee


    "Prohibited", huh? Yeah, I get what you're saying! Nice one!

  • IRawdoggedyurgf

    #15 The churches official stance since 1257

    • jbcrazylife

      This is by my work!!!

      • Jace

        I took this on the way up to Dequincy from Lake Charles a few weeks ago. I'm a biologist so I got a big chuckle out of it.

        • jbcrazylife

          Love it!!! Nice to see a fellow Louisiana Chiver!!! #KCCO

  • p1ll

    #16 life after death ?

  • Scott

    Isn't that the baby from Roger Rabbit?

  • Chan

    Third World problems

  • Sadam

    "That outta fool President Bush…."

    • Fred

      Oughta? But it was almost funny anyways

  • Dan

    #30. Must be the Twillight series

    • Bruce

      Gtfo. Don't advertise your shitty rubbers here.

  • Brandon Betz

    #3 good ol Austria

  • BradBehavior

    #2 actually makes complete sense.

  • alex

    #1 This political message brought to you by David Cameron

  • Gallus

    #26 – True. So very, very true.

  • tv_paul

    #27 I think they only have soft serve in bowls here.

    • Hrdwood

      " I have a coupon for the 2 girls 1 cup promotion please…"

  • Euroranger

    What's really depressing about the state of society these days is that someone, somewhere felt that item 5 on #13 needed to be stated…as if they've had that problem more than once and that they couldn't rely on the IQ level of the average public visitor to arrive at that conclusion on their own.

  • TheFrontier

    #22 Put some damn pants on small penis child!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 – i am a daily resident. lol.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 ->

    • Jobber

      You'll probably go riot throughout the city once you're done your meeting if it doesn't go the way you want, and then blame it on people who aren't real Chive fans. In your words, amirite?

      • Canucks_Rule

        u're right, it'll prob be a really close debate tonight on foreign policy by romney and obama.

  • @undefined

    #3 is Fucking, Austria JIC you wanted to know.

    • CowboyChiver

      I'll buy that… but where in fucking Austria is the fucking question???

    • Emzilla

      Arrgh, I accidentally down-voted trying to vote it up. Bleh. I'm glad someone knew about it, though. Thanks. 😀

  • dissonantmonkey

    Were the quotation marks really necessary in #13?

    • Roger

      They were "necessary".

  • dragon2777

    #5 makes complete sense to me, I could see him eating that.

    • parkatola

      After the literally dozens of photos that Chive has displayed over the years, finally one I recognize. I drive by this place all the time. Their signs are pretty creative. KCCO from Salt Lake City!

  • Kevin

    #7 Bad photoshop…… shadow for the sign on the left

  • jbcrazylife

    #15 that down the damn road from my work!!

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