Some signs aren’t even trying to make sense (35 Photos)

  • Jose

    So captain dildo on #35 works at the KKK shop?

  • Dick

    #8 is Boise, son! Bad Boy Burgers in the background there will fuck up all other burger joints for you. Many a hangover has been cured thanks to that drive through…

  • Lyle

    #35 Captian Dildo of Dildo, Newfoundland? Crazy newfies!!!

    • Hearn

      why yes it is.

  • mnchiver

    #9 Always saw that sign and laughed…different meanings haha. Good ole alexandria mn

    • E-ville mn chiver

      Instantly recognized the sign too bad they are missing the gorillas!

  • royalaxation

    #5 serves the best frozen custard, e.g. concrete, around, and if chuck norris were man enough, he'd definitely eat it.

  • Jables

    #25 They're locked and cocked.

  • that guy


    The Harvard of the West

  • Andrew

    #12 these signs are all over town and get made fun of so much

  • Andrew

    #14 I mean

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