A quick look at Northrop Grumman's new Medium Assault Vehicle (34 Photos)

  • gear_kweer

    I want it. I want it now!

  • freddy boy

    Chive, what I fail to understand is your unabashed support for the troops and all things military and yet you are blatantly supportive of Obama who has reneged on every single promise he made concerning pulling the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan within 12 months of his election. Your post of the 50 most humorous responses over the presidential debate was nothing more than 100% mockery of Romney. At this point, U.S. troops can't even go on the most routine patrol without fear of being assassinated by Afghan troops. This duplicity by my favorite website is simply astonishing.

    • guest

      100% agree with you

    • Rick

      I run this site, not theChive. I haven't had time to see the post you're referring too. In terms of politics, I do my best to avoid them on this site. Thank you for voicing your thoughts on the matter but as in all things, you can only control what you can control.

  • whyme1973

    Will there be a civilian model?

  • randomsoldier

    looks very cool, practicality is very low, no door protection? no blast protection? i feel like this vehicle could be taken out with nothing more than a guy and a rifle. and why are the jerry cans filled with fuel on the front? tisk tisk for poor design and poor protection. A plus on the look cool factor

  • Nl--

    Looks like an IAD magnet

  • Bill

    New invisible armour?!

  • Neil

    Didn't they learn anything from Iraq about open un-armoured vehicles? Looks cool but not for a combat zone.

  • John

    I Guess if there isn't a risk of I.E.D's.

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