• tony

    how about you guys just scrap this contest and redo it,i mean honestly these are the ones that you picked? that is so unbelievably disappointing…my god,there has not been one single positive comment. what are you guys doing? i love the fact that this contest exists but you clearly don't have a clue…im sure i speak for alot of people when i say i spent many hours designing what i did and i thought it was ten times better than the one i submitted last month (which got top ten,not trying to boast i got killed.just making a point)….anyway,redo do it or let the "chivers" have a little more input regarding the top ten..smh,disappointing guys.

  • grumpy

    These are no better than any of the hipster designs you can get on a thousand other trendy T-shirt websites. Nothing special about them, and none of them captures that "Chive" subculture.

  • hans


  • Naz

    these are the finalists? oh my…

  • gessed


  • Canucks_Rule

    panty dropper is the best of the bunch. and that isn't really saying much. sorry.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 ->

  • 1stgradeartclass

    Suckage here! Not funny, not original and slapped together like this is cafepress. No vote from me

  • Unimpressed

    I'm thinking phase three should have been phase two. Did not like any designs. Sorry.

  • Bobby Klobber

    CHIVE…..guys this is absolutely sad.
    I think youre trying too hard to be cool and cutting edge.
    Time for some fresh air …. maybe a new beer…..snap out of it.

  • siki

    Didn't like any of em, i even tried hard to like them.

  • http://www.conniejmason Connie Mason-Bennett

    Oh, I get it. All the negative comments are from those who didn't make it to the finalist round.

    • TheGnome

      wrong, all the negative comments are because these designs suck period exclaimation mark. sorry if that hurts your feelings.

  • Chase

    I like the one that is drawn with marker…Is someone in the Chive office courting a 12-year-old and promised that they would make the finals? Next time you guys run this garbage assed contest, I'll submit an old childhood finger painting….or perhaps a macaroni picture.

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