For the first time ever, Kids KCCO’s and BFM’s now available!

kids kcco For the first time ever, Kids KCCOs and BFMs now available!

Over the past month, we’ve quietly kept a stock of pint-sized KCCO’s here at the office, mostly to send to our lil’ Chivers who get sick and need a little pick-me-up.

We’ve posted photos of the shirts a few times and received hundreds of emails from parents who want their kids to look better than the other children. To that end we’re making a small supply available today on theCHIVERY. If y’all like them, we might make more. If not, we’ll always keep a few around the place for when they’re needed…

Kids KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

Kids BFM’s available RIGHT HERE.

We also have Baby Onesies available right here. *WARNING* May cause intense parental jealousy in baby-off situations.


  • Riley

    my child will now have dominion over his peers

    • R. Burgandy

      that doesn't even make sense

    • asa

      Better hope your kid doesn't see mommy showing her butt and boobs on the chive

      • doodles

        This is pretty messed up.

  • chiver for life

    emailed the chive a couple weeks ago, my friend's kid had chicken pox (really bad) and a KCCO arrived a couple days later. no charge. love the chive.

  • Popowich

    SCORE got a T2 and T6 of both the BFM and KCCO for my 2 and 5 year olds!!! and my five year old just turned 5 TODAY!!!


  • dorian

    kid will rule

  • marcus

    birthday gifts secure

  • sjd

    Scored 12 month KCCO onesie for daughter. First piece of baby clothes she will have that I actually approve of.

  • Kansas2002

    Just got my son a KCCO. He's going to look pretty fly for a white guy.

  • dddddd

    suck me dry…all the way off

    • Yeah

      Probably not the best place for a comment like that man.

  • sunshine

    Daddy's girl will be rockin' her KCCO just like her daddy does, so excited! Thanks Chive!

  • Dave on Wheels

    Come chat with me

  • bryan

    was this photo shoot taken last wednesday in venice?bc i went to the skatepark & had to wait a long 30 minutes to skate while it cleared 🙂

  • boobieman

    sold…my daughter will now OWN her brother and sister…lol

    • Cheetos

      You sold your daughter?

  • jica1611

    There should be KCCO condoms, and they should be Chive Green. It's cheaper no?

    • Bobby Klobber

      You should have approached them with this idea and a commission base.
      Great marketing idea…….just imagine condoms with that lame ass Bill Murray embossed on the reservoir tip!!!!!!
      Now unfortunately your idea is free for them to exploit and claim as their own.

  • Conrad Knorr

    Keep calm & chive on, baby!

  • dddddd

    turns out all he really wanted was a Boston Pizza gift card…so this was overkill…and not returnable

  • Tyler

    Why the hell would anyone buy these?

    • doodles

      my thoughts exactly

      • El_Hefe

        so they can promote half naked tits and ass while bored at work and craving attention from no names on the internet

        • Popowich

          Not all posts are half naked girls! Just most of it is! And my 5 year old loves Cat Saturdays so if you don't like it. Don't buy one. And quite politely while not trying to be rude but fuck off, quit trolling the KCCO kids clothing section!

          • Bobby Klobber

            Youre talking about trolling but advocating this site for under age children?
            Great Dad.
            And after youve left the room your kid turns from the cute kitties to the So You Got Wasted and Mind the Gap posts for examples of how to be cool.
            Dont get me wrong I love the Chive but its not a site for 5 year olds.

            • Popowich

              Buddy you don't even know me! I just don't give my 5 year old a laptop and say have fun! There is MUCH worse on youtube so don't give me that shit. I am with my kids 100% of the time they are on any type of media device. He see's me wearing my KCCO's and BFM and he thinks they are cool shirts! Is it bad to buy one for him? NO! Do I walk away from my son while I let him look at Cat Saturday posts NEVER! Just because you don't have kids or deprive them from something they like is YOUR problem. I don't go onto websites I disagree with and start shitting on people for enjoying what they want. So If you like theChive so much you should start following the loved motto. KEEP CALM AND CHIVE ON! I have no issues with my Kids wanting to wear a Bill Murray shirt or KCCO! If you do, move along, DON'T BUY ONE, have a nice day and KCCO!

  • dewarz

    3 year old too big for the 2T to small for the 6… sad face 😦

  • madfiction

    this is sad why would you even want to kids associated with this website. to call your daughter a chivette is down right repulsive. get over yourself chive and be aware that kids don't need to be a pawn in your ego.

    • Guest

      Yhea, let the world know that mommy likes to pose nearly naked on the internet for attention and/or daddy possibly has a man-crush on Mac =/

    • qwerqwer

      I agree man. I'm really disappointed that the Chive is marketing it's brand to kids now.

  • Kelsea

    Got my baby a 6 month BFM onesie!!

  • ehlers10

    got 2 for my daughter one for now and one for when she gets a bit older

  • doodles

    Not sure about this one….

    I like the chive and all, but in the end it is an adult site targeted to men.

    If I was a father I wouldn't want my UNDERAGED daughter wearing a shirt that promotes posting nearly nake photos of yourself on the internets.

    • Daith_Lee

      Hate to say it but there is a lot of truth in that. Its like men like hot naked chicks. men will go to strip clubs but no man REALLY wants their little girl be a stripper… thankful that someone's daughter will take up the charge cause someone has to do it, lol.

    • grumpy

      Right there with you. I'm a dad who LOVES my "Chive time," but it's not for kids. There's way too much sexual imagery and cursing for this to be promoted to kids. This is for college age and up.

    • Bobby Klobber

      Ive already made a similar comment earlier.
      Agree completely.
      Enjoy the Chive everyday but this is not a kid thing.
      The commercialism here has gone too far and has become pointless and tasteless.
      What was once a fun site for weird pics and male enjoyment has turned into a profit generating machine without direction.
      The guys driving CHIVE need to take a look down the road they are traveling.

  • enjoimark

    Got a onesie. I may not have a Chive shirt yet… but damnit my kid will.

  • Peter punkineater

    Why? Do the kiddies prefer mind the gap, tan lines, humps, flbp, or squishy? Again why? Not a hater, just can't see promoting this site to kids…Flame away

    • enjoimark

      The Chive is much more than those "sexual" posts you are referring to. Why can't your kid like the fact that The Chive posts funny pictures that will make them smile on a bad day, or posts uplifting stories about people overcoming challenges/sicknesses/injuries in their lives when they're having a sick day? Or what about all the money The Chive community has donated to people in need?

      Just because all you're looking for when you visit The Chive is boobs and ass… doesn't mean everyone else is.

      • Daith_Lee

        This is true..BUT everyone IS looking at boobs and ass at least on here. What you say is true though. It does post uplifting things, funny things, they contribute to help out people in need. HOWEVER a good majority of the post are sexual in nature. FLBP, Mind The Gap, Hump Day, Yoga Pants, Burn Your Bra, Sports Bra, Sexy Chivettes…Thats the WHOLE week. I have no problem with it mind you and like I said I do agree with you but it is kinda geared or at least gives the impression of being an adult site. Its both and I agree with both but lean more towards what Peter said. I guess it really boils down, to each his own.

        • enjoimark

          I see your point as well. But in reality I would much rather my child visit this site than a porn site. I mean it's not like the girls on here are topless and spread eagle with something up their ass…

          • Daith_Lee

            I hear ya. you and me both. I would much rather this site than a porn one as well. Point taken…

      • grumpy

        Because even the funny posts have losts of cursing and references to drugs and drunkenness in them, and Chive likes to put random T&A jpegs in its pictorials so even the "funny topics" have stuff in them that's not for kids. Chive is awesome–for grownups. I wouldn't let my kids watch Tosh.O or South Park either.

      • Bobby Klobber

        BS……..this site is not just funny pictures. Penthouse and Playboy have legit articles……do you buy those for you kid?
        Underage kids should not be viewing this site………its not intended for them.
        Give your head a shake.

      • Popowich

        HELL YEAH Enjoimark!!! you guys do know there are other posts than just Tits and ass right? Do you know how to scroll up and hit the FUNNY tab! and under it is FAIL, Doing it wrong, Photo Bombers, Cat Saturdays, Awesome, Sports and the list goes on. Its called Supervision! WATCH YOUR KIDS! For crying out loud, there is much more nudity and drug references on regular TV than here. Welcome to the Year 2012! its not 1960 anymore. KCCO

    • Bobby Klobber

      For those contesting this comment.
      You are missing the point and likely are not parental units.
      This is not a site for little kids.
      Take a look to your RIGHT…Tapiture…..half naked women bending over for the camera.
      I dont want to have to explain this to my underage kids………so they are not allowed to see this site.
      Theres nothing wrong with The Chive……..for adults.
      Its not a kids site.
      The commercialism on this site has started to target inappropriate consumers………kids.
      Chive needs to re evaluate who they are targeting.

  • Get TheChive or GTFO

    If you dont like it than GTFO, simple……but i bet all the ones bitching about the chivette posts will be come back tomorrow to look at 'em

    • Peter punkineater

      Yes I will, but my 7, 8, and 11 year old will not!

      • qwerqwer

        Don't worry, they will be submitting pictures of there own soon enough. You're cool with that right?

  • gross

    This is disgusting John.

    Is FUTURE Lower Back Problems going to include 5 year olds now?

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