For the first time ever, Kids KCCO’s and BFM’s now available!

kids kcco For the first time ever, Kids KCCOs and BFMs now available!

Over the past month, we’ve quietly kept a stock of pint-sized KCCO’s here at the office, mostly to send to our lil’ Chivers who get sick and need a little pick-me-up.

We’ve posted photos of the shirts a few times and received hundreds of emails from parents who want their kids to look better than the other children. To that end we’re making a small supply available today on theCHIVERY. If y’all like them, we might make more. If not, we’ll always keep a few around the place for when they’re needed…

Kids KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

Kids BFM’s available RIGHT HERE.

We also have Baby Onesies available right here. *WARNING* May cause intense parental jealousy in baby-off situations.


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