For the first time ever, Kids KCCO’s and BFM’s now available!

kids kcco For the first time ever, Kids KCCOs and BFMs now available!

Over the past month, we’ve quietly kept a stock of pint-sized KCCO’s here at the office, mostly to send to our lil’ Chivers who get sick and need a little pick-me-up.

We’ve posted photos of the shirts a few times and received hundreds of emails from parents who want their kids to look better than the other children. To that end we’re making a small supply available today on theCHIVERY. If y’all like them, we might make more. If not, we’ll always keep a few around the place for when they’re needed…

Kids KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

Kids BFM’s available RIGHT HERE.

We also have Baby Onesies available right here. *WARNING* May cause intense parental jealousy in baby-off situations.


  • Jordan

    When will my puppy be able to be the coolest puppy at the dog run?? Give us doggy shirts, please!!!

  • cfielder

    I think it has more to do with the Keep Calm and Chive On mentality than the content of the website. After all that is what the shirt plainly says. And I'm pretty sure I'd rather my kids sport Bill Murray on their shirt than Barney. Just sayin'.

    • doodles

      you mean Bill Fucking Murray

      • David p


    • Matt

      There are plenty of Keep Calm and _____ On stuff out there but if you don't know this site you're going to ask what does Chive On mean and naturally it will come back to this site. That's why i wouldn't buy a KCCO for a kid, because it comes back to the content on this site which is geared towards adults. A BFM shirt i'd get because people aren't going to think to themselves that's a Bill F'n Murray Shirt they'll just think it's a Bill Murray shirt. The only people that will get it will be Chivers.

  • Tony

    Wonder if we can squeezea FLBP into one of those….

  • back2worknow

    OMG Prices are outrageous for these! First, I love theCHIVE and rock by green and black KCCO every weekend. But the material on this site is not kid appropriate. I couldn't in good conscience have my 8yr old wear a KCCO while I would never let him on the site! I would rather them spend time learning something educational than Minding the Gab or checking out FLBP. Granted there are some cute posts (Cat Saturday, and the Nostalgia threads) that would be fine, but even in the comment sections of nice clean threads, some jackhole has to go drop obscenities. Sorry CHIVE, my kids will be introduced to the fun and hilarity once they are age appropriate.

    • enjoimark

      I guess your child isn't allowed on the internet at all then?

      • back2worknow

        I never implied that he is not allowed on the internet. That is unless the entirety of the internet is limited to theCHIVE. While it is said that it is "probably the best site in the wold", it does not claim to be the "ONLY" site on the internet. There are a great many educational sites available to children that he is able to visit and use. One of which is hosted by his school and provides interactive reading and math problems.

        I want my child to learn that the Internet is a wonderful tool for education, entertainment, social connections, and opportunity. He does not need to realize, at this age, the depth of inappropriate material available to anyone with a connection. Much to my dismay, I am sure he will come to find out just how perverse and disturbing the Internet can be. But I would rather prepare him in due time and give him the tools to make good online decisions.

        In the future you may want to thoroughly read the post before making a comment.

        • enjoimark

          I did read your post thoroughly before commenting. The part I was mostly referring to was "but even in the comment sections of nice clean threads, some jackhole has to go drop obscenities".

          This happens on all websites and can even happen on those high school sites you talk about.

          I do appreciate your full-length reply to my comment though. It makes me feel good knowing you read my entire post.

    • andyINalbert

      how much were the shirts?

      • back2worknow

        $22 for the kids sizes and $20 for the Onesies.

        When the priced for adult shirt are $24 for BFM and green KCCO ($38 for black KCCO), anything more than $12-15 for kids is absurd.

  • SumCat

    Even if this is meant for the KCCO mentality, the brand is pretty inappropriate for kids. Someone that doesn't know theChive…a teacher maybe, decides to look up "Keep Calm and Chive On" and finds all the kid inappropriate stuff. Sees the porn that's been showing up in Tapiture lately. The poor kid doesn't even know (hopefully). It's kind of sick. BFM = Bill Fucking Murray. Bill Fucking Murray on kids clothes. I've seen classier.

    • doodles

      Well said.

      I've lost a lot of respect for the Chive over this one. Been a faithful support for about 2 years now…bought shirts, supported charities, spread the word etc.

      I will no longer be proud to wear my KCCO shirt.

  • Replacement Ref

    Foul ball chive, foul ball

  • robbie

    This might finally be a way for me to get one. Can I order a BFM in kids size XXXXXL?

    • BigWilly


  • John Henry

    i hear all the negative but all in all little girl just wants a BFM like her daddy it has nothing to do with posting pics or promoting mind the gap she just wants to be cooler than her old man

  • El_Hefe

    thats great!!! calling her a "chivette" already… i can't wait for the half naked photos to show up

    • David P

      Ha! That's why I DONT call my daughter that.
      However I did score a kcco for little bugga(1 1/2yrs)

      Chive on!


  • andyINalbert

    I hate to say it but I think I kinda agree with most of yall. Im sure the intent was good here but ya, not really cool. Well we're at it, why all the objection here when only jokes are made about "pedo bear" …now THATS really not cool 😦

  • DiamondX

    I do t think you guys are also including all the good the Chive does for kids as well as adults. In the Last year alone we had the Family that had no Xmas Presents. Chive steps in makes Xmas Awesome. Then you have the Star wars boy who is very ill and thanks to The Chive was contacted by Lucas film and given a special gift. Then The Chive made it possible for Taylor Morris to get world wide notice for his acts of bravery that we may have not heard of. With our "Chivers" raising enough money to make him a real heroes welcome. Lastly you have that sweet girl that was in the Movie theater attack that has made her recovery happen even faster by helping her KCCO.

    if you think the Chive is all about FLBP, Gap Minding or any other Adults Only activity the you miss the whole point of The Chive. The Chive in my opinion is about enjoying the best things life has to offer sharing a laugh and making the world a better place. KCCO and The Chive has made a huge impact in my life. I found it when I was in a very dark place. KCCO Spread to my wife who only scrolls The Chive with me. My Wife feels the same KCCO Spirit and wears her green KCCO many times a week because it comforts her.

    With all due respect, Maybe you should reevaluate this wonderful site. KCCO!

    • SumCat

      Being one of the nay-sayers, I wanted to say that I agree that theChive does plenty of good. That's really awesome and I hope they continue to do so.

      I just don't think childrens' clothing under theChive brand is the most appropriate idea. I'm not going to picket them or anything. I just don't agree.

      I'm not anti-Chive, I'm pro age appropriate.

      I'm also pro-respectful disagreement. So, thanks for not being a jerk with your post. We can both laugh at cats and choose our ride and agree to disagree about the clothing choice.

      • andyINalbert

        Totally agree sumcat, Id also add that Heff does a lot of good work too but no way is my 5 year old wearing a Playboy Bunny logo shirt

        • DiamondX

          I would say that it is up to Parental Discretion. I was out with my nephew and everyone was giving me a Chive On! My Nephew asked me why do all these people keep telling you this? I said it's a state of mind where as you distribute goodwill. He immediately asked me for a shirt of his own. I had to let him know that they were not available in his size. He was very disappointed. He knows nothing of

          My point is that the Shirts of KCCO or the BFM do not have anything to do with the Adult Content (which is tame by internet standards) of the site. They did not make a Mind the Gap Kids T-shirt which I would agree be inappropriate and kinda gross. There are many children who benefit from this site. Its not just about T and A. That is why I felt I had to post there are many other sides to The Chive than the most beautiful sexy women in the world.

          IF you find these shirt inappropriate for children do not buy them its that simple. I think the shrits are fine. But please do not equate The Chive or its KCCO or BFM shirts to just sex and drinking its just not the full story of The Chive or these items.

          KCCO My Friends and Thanks for Replying.

          • Bobby Klobber

            This site is not for little kids.
            I dont think anyone would ever think it is.
            If some misdirected parent thinks its ok for their 5 yrs old then there not much anyone can do.
            However, I dont think pictures of drunks passed out and half naked girls is something most responsible parents want their 5 year old using as an example.
            An adult can see the humor and rationalize…….a kid sees it as an example of acceptable behaviour.
            I come to the site every day but I think the Chive is very misdirected in targeting underage kids with its marketing.
            Poor taste and irresponsible.
            Enough said.

    • David P.

      Amen brother……..
      Truer words have never been spoken. Me and my wife feel the same. We have a 2t kcco on the way. Funny how she'll take my chive shirts that lay out everywhere and drag them around. She Tries to put em on. Hmm, does she take after me?? Mama loves it and laughs cause these shirts are american made and bombproof. We are chive supporters to say the least
      Chive on.

      David P

  • MrsETCollins

    Totally scored a BFM & KCCO for our 2yr old! Daddy is going to be so excited to match her with his Navy KCCO when he gets home from deployment! :]

  • Cdubb

    Well everyone can say what they want while the chive keeps collecting money!! These guys run a quality operation from top to bottom. The truth is we are all jealous of them!

  • Lamekidshirts

    LAME!! I'm definitely gonna stop buying chive shirts if the 4 year old down the block is wearing the same shirt as me. Give your head a shake chive. Down right embarrassing.

  • code

    Please bring these back ASAP, Ive been trying to get one of these for my nephew!!! and I missed out and I suck.


    Bring back soon!

  • David P

    Way much over emphasizing here
    For whomever reads this,

    This is probably the best site eve


    Now chive the fuck on

  • David P

    And in the greater Britain

    Mind the gap is a completely different meaning folks

    and for that fact, also
    Keep cool and carry on is an OLD phrase my friends

    Keep it loose and commence about

  • Matt

    Wish i had seen this sooner. My nephew would look perfect in a BFM shirt. Not sure about the KCCO shirt though because this site isn't really something for kids. It's one thing to have a shirt with Bill Murray on it but it's a different story if a parent asks my sister in law what Chive On is and she says it's a website and that parent goes on the site and see pictures of FLBP and some of the other things.

    • David P

      Taking that it's ok to take the chive's BfuckingM shirt, strap it on your kid and then say a kccshred is over the line? Lol, what?

      • Matt Hayden

        because to some random parent they would look at the Bill F'n Murray shirt as just a Bill Murray shirt. The only people that would associate it to the Chive is people that go on the website. But with a KCCO shirt people won't necessarily understand the meaning behind it and that leads to questions which leads to this site and not everything on the site is appropriate for kids. I do see a difference between a shirt with a famous movie star's face on it and a shirt that features the name of a website geared towards adults.

  • Kevin

    Yes, like the site but children should not be associated with it at all.

  • Bobby Klobber

    John you should address some of these comments with a direct posting.
    Obviously the marketing directed at children has resulted in a negative response from the more "responsible" members with kids.
    While we all love the site I think a large number of the viewers are a bit disappointed with the direction of the most recent revenue generating idea.
    And rightly so.

  • Bob

    FER FAAAAACCCKKKK SAKES CHIVE – stop making only 127 of each style/size of shirt, and selling out in 38 minutes! Get a bigger Credit Card, make a bigger order, and CHIVE ON!

  • Popowich

    you guys do know there are other posts than just Tits and ass right? Do you know how to scroll up and hit the FUNNY tab! and under it is FAIL, Doing it wrong, Photo Bombers, Cat Saturdays, Awesome, Sports and the list goes on. Its called Supervision! WATCH YOUR KIDS! For crying out loud, there is much more nudity and drug references on regular TV than here. Welcome to the Year 2012! its not 1960 anymore. KCCO

    • david

      well said popowich.

      chive on!

    • Matt

      there are other posts you're correct, however just scroll down the front page and you'll have Hump Day, Girls motorboating, etc. And in in random threads there will be random pictures of half naked girls. This site isn't really child friendly so why have kids be walking billboards for it. Then their friends will ask, their friend's parents, teachers, etc. and it all comes back to this site.

  • Yakubu

    I’ve had a lot of problems with ratibbs in my garden, too. How high is your new fence around the garden? I wanted to put up a fence, too, but my bf thought that might make harvesting/tending to plants more difficult. We ended up elevating our square foot boxes. At any rate, your harvest looks yummy! Aside from making pesto, I also like to cut up fresh basil and toss in my salad.

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