I gotta get me a goofy girl (47 Photos)

  • Bob H

    #8, Where is this town. I need to call 9-1-1 fast. Having a four hour boner, need help now.

  • Lisa

    DAMN GINA! I sent in a bunch of goofy pics of me and my girls… but somehow my girls made the cut and I didn't 😦 I'm gonna get on that goofy girl post if its the last thing I ever do because I am crazy, pretty, and I own a vag… it's meant to be!

  • Derek

    most of the photos on here are fucking ANNOYING

  • huskerzfan4life

    #9, Be Nice, and Swallow! Like A Nice Girl !

  • Andy Valentine

    #15 – First thing I did was Google to try and find that "balls" cap

  • trey

    i guess sticking a tongue out or making a face makes a girl “goofy”

  • pete

    Find her! Please!

  • gerb il

    #15 MOAR

  • CanadianPiper

    #14 I actually laughed out loud hahahaha amazing

    • jessica bacon

      that's me! Thanks CanadianPiper from one Canadian to another 🙂


      • jessicabacon87

        that's me! Thanks CanadianPiper from one Canadian to another 🙂

  • Jamie

    #9 Has a huge load in her mouth!! Swallow bitch !

  • Jman

    I love #2, GO SOX!!! Well not this year but I love girls that can have a good time, life is to be made fun of and not taken so seriously and you gals make it worth living for us guys and are the reason we wake up in the morning it definitely isn't the paycheck for me at least. Keep on keeping us smiling and we'll…ditto…

    • Stinky redox girls

      Fuck the sox!!

  • Rick

    #1 ROCKS!

  • todd f.

    We need alot more of # 24 please who is she and what lucky state does she call home sha is amazingly beautiful

  • SoCalChiver

    #13 MOAR!!
    #17 FTW!

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    #14 has faces tatted on her feet?

    • jessicabacon87

      Yup… James Dean & a pinup!

  • AmericoPolk

    #24 I would like to see some more of this lady

  • Slippy

    33 is my ex. I took that pic. Good times with wigs. You should've seen the frosted blonde wig. Haha, oh those were the good days.

  • MohawkJon

    …w.h..ered…m(huckup)my…drinkkk goo…

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