Nothing is more beautiful than soldiers reuniting with their family (21 Photos & Video)

WARNING: If you plan on not crying today, DO NOT watch this video. Trust me.


    Yep, and ALL these men and women of the military need to be compensated and congratulated for their honour, bravery, and dedication….Thank you.

    • Skermitt

      Agreed wholeheartedly.
      Also, damned onions.

      • sjd

        I won't speak for all, but the best compensation is a simple thank you. We always appreciate it. Good post Bob

        • Honored

          Then, THANK YOU!

          and it could never be a "simple" thank, but a heart felt one for your sacrifice and dedication.

          • sjd


    • Daniel Tosh

      this post made my eyes sweat.

    • kim

      Nope. They need to stay with their family in the first place. Refusing their military "duty"

  • Iraq vet 50cal


    • Guest

      Reunions are great! I have caught myself being emotionally charged over complete strangers at airports. 10 minutes of tears in that video

  • thatoneguy

    Currently overseas. Can't wait for my moment with my girl. Will be our second time in 2 years.

    • VCB

      I hope you get home (and stay home) safely!

      • ray

        thank you for all you do us and I hope you get home to your family very soon

    • HOOK_the_LEGEND

      You Sir are my Hero.

    • sjd

      Get home safe brother

    • bodykarmabella

      you're my hero as well. you're incredible, absolute courage and honor, be safe. i know your girl is as eager as you are, i've done the waiting too. my heart is full of joy for your reunion! kcco

    • Rusty_Dreams

      Thank you! Be safe. Get home and enjoy the U.S.A. you help defend and preserve!

    • Guest

      I have always been a huge supporter of our military! Never quite realized what you all go through, & still will never understand it having not been there. My husband was gone on work for 2 months from our 9 yr old son & I….& as hard as it was on all 3 of us…..this all puts it in to perspective. THANK YOU. For your selfishness, & you & your families commitment to our country. THANK YOU!! Words can never say enough.

      • DubStu

        Try, "selfLESSness"…

  • Daniel

    Can't see crap through the pandora pop up


    God damn, made it 30 seconds.

    • PiratesFan

      I just have something in my eye, that's all.

    • tv_paul

      I went back and started watching it again. I guess I lied originally, I made it to about the 22 or 23 second mark and I started to well up all over again.

      • HOOK_the_LEGEND

        Did the same damn thing and 19 seconds later it was revealed that I am a weak man….

        • tv_paul

          No, not weak, just mortal.

  • PumaBalls

    Fucking pandora ad is huge WTF chive!!


  • tv_paul

    I can't imagine how all these service men and women get by for so long without seeing their families especially their kids. I admire your strength and dedication to the job you do each day more and more.(BTW I made it about 35 seconds into the video before the water works opened up)

    • HOOK_the_LEGEND

      Well put, couldn't agree more.I commend you for lasting 35 seconds…

      • tv_paul

        Best Video Ever! I had to watch it in increments because it was just too much to take in.

    • #Army125

      Well, man I will tell you what! When I returned home, I thought nothing of it. Now remembering back, I thought how awesome that feeling was! I thank you all for your support and everything you all do for us!

  • KCO617

    I remember being a kid and being happy to see my dad when he got home from his night shift as a State Trooper…I can't imagine the heartache and anxiety involved in waiting 6 months to a year(s) to see your father, husband, wife, child walk through the front door again. Thanks for all that you do for our country and those who chose not to answer the call!

  • Bobby

    You warned me and I should have listened.

  • josh

    Jesus….did someone just throw lumber in my eyes. Fucking onion farmers around.

  • Meh

    In the video, :19 seconds in when that sweet girl touches her heart. Every time! No ninjas with onions, no dust, I just cry tears of joy for her and her family.

    • Edge

      To watch someone's heart break (the good way) reduces me to a blubbering fool. That little girl showed pure love without saying a word. You, dear one, are special to love someone that much.

      • skyfireCO

        I know I can't watch the video since I'm nearly in tears just reading this… maybe when I get home, and there's no one around…

    • sixdeadelves

      sobbing into my bowl raviolis

  • VC98

    from personal experience, it is the greatest happiness to see them again, tears of joy

  • josh

    The video, the little girl on Santa's lap…."Daddy….Daddy I missed you"……..lost it right there.

    • AshleyB

      Omg yes that is where I was reduced to a sobbing ball of mush.

    • Michele

      That's where I started crying too, couldn't stop for the rest of the video.
      It truly is one of the best feelings the world to be reunited again, but the worst feeling when they are gone. So glad my dad is retiring this year so we don't have to go through it every few years like I have my whole life. It's so hard on a family.

  • Verbal_Kint

    Truly heartwarming. I hope they done get redeployed for a long time….

  • USAFamg

    That little girls voice on santas lap gets me everytime …Every time !!!!

  • N2MotoX

    It's such a thankless job…I hope more people realize that and change it!

  • Nwlasaint

    Dammit, I was good until Santa Clause

    • rugerhoyt

      Same here, had to quit watching because I'm crying like a baby at work. Thank you Servicemen/women for giving up so much….

  • B. Frank

    I just hope none of these people come home to find they were only with a dependasaurus.
    Reunited and it feels so good.

  • Feder

    Outstanding video, you Chive fuckers got me weepy.

  • Hans_in_Ohio

    These never cease to get me. Can't be reminded enough of the service and sacrafice that our troops make on a daily basis. Thanks Chive.

  • Guest

    …until they all come home, we will support them.

  • BroDimaggio

    My challenge of the day: Don't cry during the vid. Made it to the girl on Santa's lap. Damn you Chive!!

  • robby

    Should have listened to the damn warning!!! Cryin like a 4 yr old who shit his pants on the playground!

  • Andy

    I've gone a couple of weeks without seeing my wife and little girl, and it killed me. Can't imagine going as long as these folks. I don't support the war, but God Bless our Troops and their families.

  • Hannah

    i didn't last even half of that video before crying!!

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