Nothing is more beautiful than soldiers reuniting with their family (21 Photos & Video)

WARNING: If you plan on not crying today, DO NOT watch this video. Trust me.

  • jesus


  • JRunner

    Chive, thanks for sharing this video with everyone. I wish more people appreciated our troops the way we all do. KCCO my friends.

  • Dennis

    That little girl on Santa's lap gets me every single time….yet I can't stop watching.

    God Bless our troops and god bless their families for supporting them.


  • Kristin

    Yep – should have listened to the warning! God bless all who serve

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    I got about half way through, then it hit – the river of tears from a grown man. God bless everyone who serves, and their families as well.


  • 99mike

    So many onions! Thanks to all who volunteer to serve. A simple "Thanks" just isn't enough….stay safe.

  • starsheen

    I didn't even make it to the video before I started crying. I have so much respect for these men and women that go and fight these unnecessary wars. They are the true heroes, not only for putting their lives on the line but for giving up precious time with their families to do so. I am sitting here, bawling, and feeling so ashamed that I sometimes want a "break" from my kids. Time with your loved ones should never be taken for granted…ever.
    Thank you, soldiers, from the bottom of my heart.

  • mongoose5271

    Damn you, Chive! Damn you for my weepy eyes! And thank you!

  • ThePfab


  • Annette

    Good thing I didn't put make-up on today, would have had black streaks running all over my face. Thank you to all the service men & woman for stepping up for all of us.

  • Electric Boogalo

    As a father of 3 young girls, there's no way. I don't know how you guys and girls do it, but I sure am glad you do.

  • loyalchivette27

    This is so touching! Reminds me of when I used to wait for my father to come home from deployment as well as my husband. People cannot fathom the emotions and feeings that come to you when you finally see your loved one in front of you.

  • Tiber_Septim

    the cost of freedom is high, the price of the emotional reunions priceless

  • Mysh

    Lost a lot of good friends overseas. Thank you from all service members for posting this video and remembering. Thank you all from those that can't be here

  • bodykarmabella

    Cried the whole way through. Cried from the pics before the video started. This is the most beautiful display of human love, bravery, and sacrifice ❤ Those who serve in the military are my heroes. The most courageous souls there are. KCCO & SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! You're amazing!

  • Tommy

    Never gets old. I love these videos, thank you for all that serve.

  • newfie

    made it to a 1:30…and even then I was fighting it

  • Dillon

    Damn you Chive…. No one makes me cry my own tears!!! God Bless our Troops

  • BallGag4X_Mas

    I bet that little girl will believe in Santa for the rest of her life

  • Brian

    No onions here. I flat out cried. Chive on, soldiers.

  • Zrock76

    …until they all come home

    It is videos like these that make me reflect upon my own military service. I could have stayed in and gone on more deployments and at the time it sounded like an easy thing but now that I am a father and a husband I could not imagine what it would be like to be away from my own children for that long although I would love to make an entrance like many of these brave men and women did.

  • OK Chiver

    Thank you for the support Chive, chivers, and chivettes, after 23 years and 4 combat deployments it never gets easy, I only recently, 2011 (after I retired), found the Chive (Throttle and Brigade), and I must say I love it. I love the support you give the Wounded Warriors and the support you give the military in general, Thank you from an old retired First Sergeant.

    Till they all come home, visit to know what that really means, sorry for the address but most do not realize we still have over 83,000 POW/MIA's that have not returned home.

  • Jon

    You bastards…Now I need to go cut some onions.

  • Adam

    That was the worst video evar! I made it about 15 seconds!

  • Jordan

    This will never get old those moments and those smiles will always be unforgettable! Thank you military for doing the best you can!

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