Nothing is more beautiful than soldiers reuniting with their family (21 Photos & Video)

WARNING: If you plan on not crying today, DO NOT watch this video. Trust me.

  • sunshine

    My Chiver is a active duty airmen. We have endured a couple deployments and many TDY's. Thank you Chive for supporting our military. I love these videos, they get me EVERY time.

  • Cesar

    Stupid thumb had to press play, cleanup on isle two 😥

  • MaximII

    #8, #9, #10 are all Marines, not soldiers. Big difference.

  • Grant

    That video just killed my life. Jesus that is love isn't it. Goddam amazing

  • Blurred Vision

    Beautiful video. Hopefully we’ll get them all home from Iraq & Afghanistan sooner rather than later. This dark chapter in American history has gone on far too long and affected too many families.

  • Jeff Mitchell

    Press play ok… Crying. 'MERICA FUCK YEAH!!!!!

  • Adam

    Love these videos. Tons of them on Get the tissues ready though

  • Army Wife

    #18 – Fort Carson!

  • kvolkster1

    Getting ready to leave within a month for 6 months…Ill be counting down the days till this is me!

  • CompuNerd

    I lasted until the girl froze clapping in the middle of class, then lost it when she started bawling.

  • Tim

    I laughed at that warning for the video. It took 30 seconds and I was balling like a little girl. hahaha

  • Loyaltexaschivette

    Beautiful chive .

    My Salior is on his 2nd deployment and it's only been 2 months In. This deployment seems like its going slower then the last. Can't wait for my son and I to be reunited once again .

  • Andrew Ruvalcaba

    Should have listened. God Bless our Troops and their families.

  • Slacktrack

    I wish I had one of these welcome homes. I got off the plane after 24 hours of planes and airports to stand alone during the reunions then I found out that my car never survived sitting in storage. After finally getting home at 3 am, my roommate gave me shit for waking him up because I forgot how to unlock a door during my 8 months in Afghanistan.

  • Wolfgang260

    Absolutely touching and heart warming video, but I would have rather heard the families' reactions to their loved ones returning home than what is perhaps one the worst, and unfortunately, longest songs ever.

  • Troy

    Ummm… Im a Marine, NOT A SOLDIER….. Its really not that hard.

    • jojo

      I understand that there is a big difference to you but to most people who don't have a Marine in their lives you are a soldier…It isn't meant as disrespect, it is just that most people don't differentiate between the branches… Thank you for your service! From the bottom of my heart and all those who mistakenly call you "soldier" please forgive them and let it go… It was said with love and that is how I hope you take it. Again thank you! I have more respect for you and all the other men and women who have fought and served this country overseas or not! KCCO

  • Canucks_Rule

    #21 – beautiful.

  • FaRight

    i wonder how many of these fools cheated on their significant other while on duty?

  • Dan

    Dammit thought I'd be fine for that video.. This guy aint afraid to say I'm cryin.

  • JojoTheFlyingHobo

    I dont really want to be the only onw who goes aginst the whole pro-military comment thing, but isnt the first picture fake?
    The AA patch he has on looks a lot like the ones from the asking alexandria music video, "The Wretched"

    at 0:24 you can see the same patch, and I find it hard to believe that he could get away with putting one of those on his uniform.

  • Sam

    Thanks Chive! My brother is in the Army so it's real nice to see the support. God Bless out troops!

  • Nikki Young

    Minute 1:45 absolutely killed me…God Bless

  • Jenize

    Watching this I just broke down! My boyfriend joined the Navy and my brave face just disappeared and I lost control! It sucks knowing he won't be around that often but I'm proud of him. He showed me chive so I know I'm in good hands when he leaves 🙂 Should've listened to the warning though.

  • TheJoeGreene

    Yeah, nothing's as beautiful as returning home to your family after killing someone else's for no good reason.

  • why not?

    What is that song?
    …about 45 seconds btw

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