Nothing is more beautiful than soldiers reuniting with their family (21 Photos & Video)

WARNING: If you plan on not crying today, DO NOT watch this video. Trust me.

  • Sydney

    What the fuck Chive! Way to make me bawl my eyes out… Such a powerful video ❤

  • Dennis

    Welcome Home and thank you

  • Tim

    Stuck out here for another 5 months still, about to miss my sons first birthday and all the holidays with him and my wife, not to mention she is 4 months pregnant with our second son and hopefully i will be back in time for the birth, but I can't complain really, I just need to chive on. Thank you CHIVE for posting these and when I get home again ill be sure to send you a picture of me holding my family!

  • Joshua

    What an awesome video. Thanks Chive. And thank you to all the service men and women. You all are in my prayers for safe passage weather through battle or at home.

  • james

    longest song ever

  • Nick

    Thought I could watch this video without crying and officially failed at the 5:35 mark.

  • Jason

    The guy at 7:03 use to be in my unit. He just retired out last year. One of the best NCO's I've ever known.

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