First Time Chivettes (50 Photos)

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  • Tbert

    #19 yellow is now my favorite color. Should be a scratch and sniff section.

    • FunKiller

      Yeeea KZoo…..I've had a TON of fun there.

    • baddbuzz

      She really needs to submit for Hump Day and Mind The Gap

      • Karillamilla

        Agree, we need moar

    • Uventes

      K-zoo. I must not be going to the right spots to meet you!

    • Rholio

      Great to see another Michigan Chivette!

  • Michael

    #31 You're beautiful and would love to see MOAR! KCCO from Salina!

    • ATrapAtNoon

      Hey Michael! There's much MOAR at – KCCO from Wichita! She's kinda my favorite model…

  • RedRaider

    #20 MOAR!!!!

    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      #19 and #38 as well

    • Clint

      If all of these first time chivettes could be new every week, just for this post alone, I would welcome that.

    • YeahYeah

      Notice how no one put #41? You know why? Because the Chargers suck my assssssss.

    • Troy Haraway

      Damn girl your really beautiful

  • 412


    • Him

      I just hope the Chivettes are as sexual as they are sexy. All show with no go is no fun for anyone.

  • Acesevens

    #10 I was in love till I saw #11

    • SOhioChiver

      #10…if you were mine…

    • Womb_Raider

      Your taste varies quite a bit. From bad girl to the chick next door. They are both fully allowed to eat crackers in my bed anytime!


      ughh back dimples, makes me go crazy for girls for some reason

    • Troy Haraway


  • SMH

    #38 – I like those curves

    • 1C451

      This first timer needs be have her very first Chivette of the Week post, too.

    • Chubby Chicken

      Winner winner, chicken dinner!

    • Yup

      Yess ! Yes to all of the above , find her NOW! Then tell me who she is!

    • dude 2

      yes chive you should have split those photos and posted in hd

    • Brandon

      The hair, the curves. Gorgeous.

    • Big D

      I got stuck on this pic for a while, scorching body on this lovely lady

    • Troy Haraway


  • JeXeL22

    #44 go tigers!

    • FunKiller

      Giants are looking a little dusty….I think the Tigers are up for some sweeping…..again!

      • ChivetoSurvive

        Dusty…last time the Giants were dusty was with Baker. Coming in hot guy! If anyone is rusty it will be the resting Tigers. Giants won't die this year….amazing

    • HOOK_the_LEGEND

      'Detroit rock city'.I can dig that.

    • monky006

      Yes Go Tigers!! Bless You Boys!

    • Teddy Roxspin

      She has my heart! Go Giants! Detroit can kick rocks!

      • HOOK_the_LEGEND

        Meh, she's an un-bearded Sergio Romo..

    • Los Tigres

      Too bad this girl jumped on the Giants bandwagon just like every other Giants "fan", GO TIGERS

      • man2316

        Pretty sure she's a legit fan…..

    • DarthLOL

      Go GIANTS!!!

    • DanStoddard

      Im pretty damn sure I know her. I cant remember her name but if im right shes from Rocklin Sac area

    • DADS

      All the talk is about verlander, 2 years ago all the talk was cliff lee and the most potent lineup in the american league. How did that turn out.

      • Los Gigantes


      • HOOK_the_LEGEND

        Zero fucks given.Your biggest mistake is referencing Lee in the same sentence as Verlander.You ain't seen the likes of Verlander…

        • Frank

          5 runs in 4 innings? Your argument is invalid.

          • HOOK_the_LEGEND

            Yep agreed, pitiful performance.

    • I Love LA

      Go Dodgers!

      • Sean

        I agree. She looks ugly in those colors and so do the Giants. I think if I saw her in Dodger Blue she would be a solid 10. Oh, btw, Tigers for the sweep.

        • ChivetoSurvive

          Silly Dodgers fansy

  • chron247

    #38 MOAR MOAR and a little Moar. Please?

    • Chris

      yup more is right.


      damn, def need Moar. Also definitely need to start showing more girls with curves like this, so much better than girls who look like twigs

    • JBone

      ….and MOAR!!!!!


    #5, love the look.Fit and fabulous…

    • brian


  • Rob

    Skeet skeet skeet

  • louiebeans

    so many hot canadian girls

    • Yup

      We have to have hot girls its to f**king cold up here not to!

    • Merica

      Canadian women=overrated dumb bitches. More american women! Fuck Canada

      • TrueAmerican

        Lonely troll is late…

  • Go blue

    #7 thanks Jake

    • Gmoney

      Lucky bastard.

    • SOhioChiver

      THANKS JAKE! and Thank you friend of Jake, you are HOT. Nice pic/combo there for a 1st timer, GAP Hump, (cute dimples) and even a little sideboob. Keep them coming we need MOAR!

    • Kevrhutch

      I feel I should buy Jake a Beer or 2

    • Jake

      It's the least I could do for my fellow chivers! Y'all be sure to check burn bra and sports bra next week for more of #7

      • NYG

        Jake ur my hero! Can't wait to see more of you #7. Will the next ones be even better?

    • Houdini112

      Hi Jake, ask her for moar please


      thanks jake

  • eggman

    #1 #4 #11 are breathtaking!!!

    • eyebrowenthusiast

      #11 could've stopped tweezing a touch earlier… I'm not saying she's not pretty; just seems a bit weird to me. Down vote awayyyy….

      • SOhioChiver

        you're right…no downvote…at least you gave some positive reinforcement first, I think you nailed it. She has a beautiful face and smile

    • BMOC

      i'd throw #16 in there too!

  • Chiver_Sammy

    #29 #31 #37 & #47 You're doing it right. Please send in MOAR…

    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      #47 This won't hurt a bit dear. I swear.

    • 650

      I feel like #31 deserves a shirt (or maybe a hoodie like the one I plan on purchasing tomorrow) for the creativity

  • Yeah

    #47 I choose you!

  • FuckUSD

    #38 ooooo lala me likey

    • bdg


  • Jeff

    My jaw struck the floor with #1. You are one beautiful woman!

    • Chiver_Sammy

      I like the picture of her in #46 over #1

      • Savage308

        aye! both pics are solid, but the uncropped version is tops. gorgeous face, succulent lips and cleavage. unbeatable.

      • That is all


    • Yeah

      I did the same with #1

    • JDY

      Those lips need to be wrapped around something.

      • J. D. Rage

        DSLs fa sho!

    • Yerp

      Who is that!? That face couldn't be any more perfect.

    • Chinaleefitz

      Thanks for the super nice compliments! KCCO

      • Yerp

        Thanks for the pics. Keep 'em comin.

      • Chris Boudreau

        You are jaw droppingly stunning. I hope you continue to KCCO!

      • Paulgurisko

        More please!!

      • TZJ

        next big thing on theChive. Just predictin'

        • SweetDannyJ


      • What_Tha

        YOU, simply must submit MOAR!

    • travis

      Just want to say girl u look amazing. Travis

  • Markoda

    #38 gets bonus pts for burn bra, FLBP and hump

  • MrCoffee

    #21 GORGEOUS!

    • Jimmy C

      #22 is the best by far.

      • Kristen

        Don't piggyback Jimmy.

        • TheDude

          Haha. Is this the potty-mouth Kristen?? You are always angry. I love it.

  • BucNasty



  • Jeff

    #50 Oh Canada!!!

    • guest

      I would ride that fun hump daily.

  • bz1

    #8, #21, #33, #36 AWESOME!!!! MOAR, please ladies!

  • @undefined

    #40 please find her and give us more!!!

  • bdog

    Nothing but beauties!

    • The Woim

      #16 yep, and it seems Hollister upgraded their material strength to Motorboat resistance!

  • Jeff

    #1 again at #46. That's quite alright because she's so easy on the eyes!

    • Nick Parsons

      Best in this gallery… all are incredibly gorgeous, but she's best in my opinion.

    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      #46 beats #1 cus. Bewbs.

      • Boozer

        Here here! Cheers to that mate!

    • Josh

      I knew there was a reason I read more than the first page of comments. This smokeshow has an intensedebate account.

      Will follow.

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