Great directors on set of great films (20 Photos)

  • jasgat66

    #13…. With 2 movies coming out about him and all that I have read on him… Hitchcock was one disturbed motherfucker… Great director.. Yes..but he was totally FUBAR

  • Canucks_Rule

    #7 – dude deserves an oscar nod. seriously, 'looper' is the best movie i've seen of 2012. fucking blew my mind.

    #14 – is a so-so actor, but i give him credit, can direct the shit out of a movie!!

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 ->

  • dan

    #18 Pan's Labyrinth is an absolutely FANTASTIC movie. If you haven't seen it, you really, really should.

  • Schrodinger's Cat

    He's busy raising the bar.

  • Kato

    #12 Do yourself a favor and skip this film. The Deer Hunter and Full Metal Jacket is way better.

  • Drew

    Hate to be a buzz kill but the shot of Spielberg from Jurassic Park is actually him on the set of JP2 the lost world.

  • rickacha

    #5 no a great film…maybe the 1st one…

  • Mola

    "Quinten" Tarantino? 😀

  • Phreaky

    Hamlet 2 – great film? really?

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