• Reckless

    the contra code couldn't even help me with that

  • Poundcake

    This guy probably runs that pass all the time…some of the air he was catching was over the side of the mountain! Yeah, I agree this guy has some huge balls! It was awesome.

  • Brent

    Video games are much more fun when they are real.

  • Fail

    Video is sped up…

  • Gareth Southgate

    Wow, I remember when I first watched this …. about a year ago

  • candymountainmofo

    That's nucking futs.

  • Kyle

    Video was sped up…

  • Mike

    How about no.

  • Cyntax

    I could do that, just with the brakes on full screaming shit shit shit!

  • TheRealLomo

    I could do that without a bike. It's called falling and it's a lot more extream.

  • http://www.banjohangout.org/ J R. Dobson

    This would make an awesome video game.

  • Mikeisfilthy

    I could do it, but only going about 1/8 the speed lol

  • Carlos Ostaicoechea

    His name is Alejandro Paz and he is the Peruvian Downhill champion like 8 years in a row!

    He is my wife´s cousin and let me tell you one thing..he is blessed with amazing skills!

  • Yegbiker

    That was pretty mild. Mount 7 in Golden BC is way more knarly. That was a nice run though. Time for a beer after that run.

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    this is cool but i think this vid im gonna share is more intense and technical.and no,im not dissin this guy video.

  • John doe

    If no one noticed the video is sped up and slowed down. The guy wasnt going anywhere near the speed the video is seen in. Just a quick fact.

    • John Doe`s Dad

      Son! The video was not speed up and slowed down. U are just jealous dont be a jerk!

  • EricLS

    makes me want to riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide my downhill bike!!!! braaaaap…

  • http://www.redbull.tv/The-Adrenaline-Series/The-Red-Bull-Rampage-Legacy Danger

    Not even close to Extreme bro. Check this out. http://www.redbull.tv/The-Adrenaline-Series/The-R

  • DCC

    Video quality is shit. Get a Go Pro … Looks like an awesome ride

  • Fukme

    I'll stick to my tricycle

  • orangenod18

    iI gasp at 0:12

  • ImpressMe

    Hell no…. I wouldn't walk down that damn goat path. But huge props to that dude, hes got balls of solid titanium.

  • Canucks_Rule

    yaaaaa, i'm gonna pass. i do enjoy living and not eating from a tube.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 -> http://tinyurl.com/9l5xl2r

  • Garr

    Most ambitious Minecraft project ever!

  • acee

    no 1 else thinks that video was fast forwarded?

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