• acee

    no 1 else thinks that video was fast forwarded?

    • Pooped ma pants

      Listen to his breathing. This guy is legit – bet he rides a Supercycle!

  • Rick_in_ak

    That and some weed and I'd be in heaven! Y'all should check the downhill up here in Alaska! We got trails that'll make you shit a kitten

  • RobTalk


  • https://www.facebook.com/vuyeed.eq2 Eric Minton

    I was like, "oh man that is so cool" then I see that there is a friggin cliff just to the right and I was then like, "AW HELL NAW!!!"

  • Daddylonglegs

    Holy hell, that's an extremely nice fast forward effekt you have in your video editing software!

  • GuntherSquirrel

    I dont think I could WALK down that trail… Too busy browsing theChive 😉

  • asf

    Yep, suppose it does look crazy when it's run at 4x speed…

  • Ben

    Love it! Need to get some MTB action like that.

  • Gary

    Only in Peru. And only Alejandro Paz.

  • Matt

    That must be a Myagi Turbo

  • C.A.

    Does someone else notice it is sped up in some parts?… I would love to see this videos with normal speed completely…

  • Nighthawk

    Bet this guy gets tons of pussy


    Extreme downhill biking risking death, loss of nut, facial reconstruction, femur protrusion or siting home drinking beer browsing hot girls on theCHIVE while earning a buzz and convincing yourself that one of those girls could be yours…..hmmmmm

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx1LAaJdrRE Hal

    If you want to see some insane 2 wheel footage check out the video link below. Isle of Man "TT".

  • Paul Allen

    Too Buff for my liking

  • Eazy

    Bitch Please. That is what a full suspension mountain bike will do for you. Get your speed up, move your weight back and let it float.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.wilkie.5 Nicholas Wilkie

    oh man that trail looks sick!!! its such a thrill when your cliff side just bombing down a single track!!! love this vid!!

  • nayala

    my hands were sweaty the whole time watching that

  • Drunkandstupid

    You call that downhill? That's nothing, check out some videos from Whistler or Vancouvers North Shore!

  • martinis

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  • energizer85


  • P.J.

    Way to pick your line. F…ing Amazing

  • C-Mo

    Now do it with no hands.

  • mike

    what was that a 1990 vhs video recorded

  • Alan

    Nice…. I do that to people at stop lights. Stair into the rear view mirror until the light changes. Not mine the one in front of me!

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