• Donovan

    At 0:29 it looked like he was playing Rush and was taking a sweet shortcut.

  • CrimsonRockStar

    it's like pod racing with no motor….

  • http://isigroupllc.com cory

    looks like the video is sped up a bit in playback, but other than that it's a beautiful trail and looks like a blast to me!

  • coksling

    the video is fast forwarded

  • MRB

    That biker must have known that trail like that back of their hand!!

  • sterling

    used to race semi-pro downhill. you will pick up speed that fast and do things that ridiculous with out the thought that you are right next to a cliff. all that matters is you, your bike, and that strip of dirt in front of you. that was not sped up.

  • swamperdink

    If you watched it at the original speed, you'd find it a lot more achievable. Still a nuts location though.

  • Esmulder

    Thanks, but I'll pass.

  • Brett

    The vid is sped up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/antiboofer Jordan Ray

    I was just watching the video and I'm pretty sure I shit myself….





    He record this with a Doritos Taco and a water bottle filled with hot dog water? Can barely see what the fuck's up.

  • TheBatman

    Nice! Its so hard to take a video that conveys just how ball out awesome MTB is. Good on this guy.

  • Jimmy

    I CAN DO THAT… hold my beer

  • NB123

    You just made Chuck Norris look like a pussy.

  • trent

    this is fuckin awesome! id love to try that run just about half speed lol cool though 🙂

  • acrilic_abyss

    some one buy that guy a drink!!!
    you sir are a bad ass of the first order and i salute u ….

  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.tebow.5 Sam Tebow

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  • http://www.facebook.com/The.Truth.Believe.It Jesse Peeler

    As a downhill rider…most cameras make the ride a lot worse than it seems. Want to see some extreme DH riding look up Redbull Gravity or the movie Where the trail ends.

  • brettlee478

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  • Ryan Hicks

    Looks like fun. Love doing this kind of stuff

  • Alexis

    At is awesome

  • ponydude94

    awesome riding, but I've seen better footage on an Etch-a-Sketch

  • MohawkJon

    What went through this guys head that morning?
    You know what, today I'm going to take my bike to the top of a mountain, then ride down it really fast while my nuts slowly get pushed back inside me to become ovaries. Thats what I am going to do today!

  • Pharma93

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